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5441RE: [Weta-Trimarans] Re: Steel loop on top of prod

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  • Bruce Fleming
    Aug 2, 2013
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      Well, I’m not sure about an expansion of my hat size with the credit of naming the rigging tweak (Robert S, I shall anoint you with more fermented beverage at our next meeting) but I’ve discovered that all my wet suits and spray tops have shrunk considerably since the end of the sailing season last year. I now need an assistant to help me get dressed for sailing. What’s up with that?! Must be the temps in my garage where they are stored…or maybe too many fermented beverages.

      Joking aside, I will take credit for the “innovation” but I’m not completely convinced it’s a big improvement. My main concern is how the crossing of the line on the underside of the prod causes one line to chafe and bind the other, causing more friction during furling.

      My dual saddle/PVC accessory was an attempt to reduce friction on the furler, which certainly causes the wear on the exit/inlets that Ben mentioned, but I’m stumped by the amount of variation in the angle of the furling reel. If it was static, then a saddle/fairlead could be placed on the prod at a specific location to hold the line at the perfect angle. On the contrary, the furling reel pivots for and aft, depending on screecher halyard or luff tension, so the angle changes constantly. I haven't seen the wear on the furler inlet/exit to be excessive enough to warrant installing permanent fairleads on the prod. Maybe the Fleming Twist accommodates the fluctuating angle well enough?



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      Bruce suggested it here, so I'm giving him credit for it - I'm hoping all the "praise" will give him a big head, - enough to unbalance the boat in SFO next month :)
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