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5433Replacement prod too large

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  • yottieguy
    Aug 2, 2013
      Has anyone else replaced their prod and found the replacement won't fit in to the bowsprit tube?

      I can't get more than 25cm/8in into the tube despite spending an afternoon rubbing it down with 400 wet&dry paper which has removed most of the turning ridges.

      There appears to a be an internal lip at the entrance of the bowsprit tube where the tube meets the hull which I've also tried to rub down but that hasn't made much difference.


      --- In Weta-Trimarans@yahoogroups.com, "yottieguy" <pewit@...> wrote:
      > I just picked up the replacement for my broken prod and noticed that the steel loop riveted to the top of the old prod, that acts as a guide for the furler line, is missing from the new prod.
      > Is this because of the new continuous furler which has dual lines?
      > Is it worth adding or should I just let the line hang loose (it's under load from the bungee tensioner) or should I improvise something else with a cable tie until I decide if it's worth upgrading to the continuous furler from my current Harken furler.
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