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5316forestay bridle

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  • avogel0929
    Jul 2, 2013
      At the beginning of this season I replaced my OEM bow ring setup with a rope bridle. I used 3/16" Amsteel Blue (uncovered Dyneema single braid), whipped the working ends with twine to inhibit slip-through and tied figure-eights, intending to sew a couple of loops of whipping twine through the knots for security after a few hours of sailing in case the load lengthened the bridle too much. That's what happened, but the knots were so tight I couldn't undo them. So I added a couple of half-hitches above each knot to take up slack, and to my surprise, they have held. Evidently, the figure-eights are very secure, but you can always stitch them to be certain.

      #440 "Bella"
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