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  • John Fairclough
    Jan 8, 2013
      I have a Secumar anti inversion cushion on a halyard at the masthead. This
      is CO2 operated and goes off when a tablet, within the gas release
      mechanism, dissolves.

      It works very well. I normally sail in tidal waters, depths from 2 to 5
      metres, and would not be without the Secumar. (Actually, it’s with the
      manufacturers at the moment because the gas release assembly came loose from
      the cushion. I think that was a one off problem, and will be using it again
      next season.)

      A new gas cylinder and tablet costs about UK£30 delivered. As Wetas capsize
      so rarely that’s not a big problem.


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      The problem on the Everglades Challenge (EC) is usually too little wind on
      the route inside the shoreline using the Intercoastal Waterway (hence the
      oars) or too much wind without any warning on the Gulf side.

      I don't think a Weta has actually finished the race yet - the one pictured
      got hit by a storm on day 2 and overturned in shallow water so that the mast
      dug into the mud and had to be disconnected from the hull - then the mast
      was broken on retrieval by a power boat.

      This begs the question - would you be better off having a masthead float to
      prevent the boat overturning in shallow water? (most of the EC route is
      shallow) but that risks that the boat would be blown away from you unless
      you're tied on.

      Of course if you don't go over you won't have any problem! But that requires
      you to recognise the squalls early and reef before they hit. This when you
      haven't had much sleep, you're cold and wet and its dark.

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      > That's cool stuff. I hope there is wind so that the Weta kicks ass. JW
      > never pokes fun, just gators.
      > On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 2:49 PM, Bruce Fleming wrote:

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