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  • Bruce Fleming
    Jan 3, 2013
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      Thanks for the link! This sounds like quite an adventure, for sure. Amazing
      to browse the gallery and see the great number, and variety, of boats on the
      beach ahead of the start. I'd think the Weta is uniquely suited for a
      mult-day, fully-self-sufficient, voyage like this. Maybe a kick-up
      centerboard would be a prudent modification.

      I'm sure JW is just poking fun. I've been thinking about cutting out the
      round port/hatch on my boat and installing a large rectangular hatch like
      that for a long time, since the capability to use the main hull under the
      hatch is really enticing, but I don't have a compelling reason to fork out
      the dough and take the time to do it. I also don't really need the space. I
      need to learn to sail with less extra stuff aboard.


      Bruce Fleming

      Akahele!, #276

      San Diego, California

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      You may not know, this boat is geared up for a rather unique 300 mile race
      through the Florida Everglades. See http://www.watertribe.com/


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