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3650Ronstan Load-Sensitive Ratchet Blocks

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  • George
    Jul 1, 2012
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      Does anyone have a fool-proof method of getting these auto ratchets to auto release when gybing (jibing)? In lightish winds you are holding the sheet load against the ratchet. You release, and the sheet runs out over the still locked ratchet sheave. You gybe and sheet in on the other gybe. Something is wrong - the new lazy (windward) sheet is still locked and the sail will not pull through the foretriangle cleanly. Even if you assist it by pulling it through, the ratchet remains locked This costs a lot more than 2 secs an hour! The ratchet seems to require a short pull- and-release after the load comes off to run freely. Easy enough in light conditions while recreational sailing but coming into the gybe mark on port?!

      For the record: - I have recently installed the 'alternative' turning block arrangement so there is much more grip on the ratchet than before; it HAS to release when I want it to - and it doesn't; and they cost fifty quid each!


      George Morris
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