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3236RE: [Weta-Trimarans] Introduction and Mainsail Question

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  • Richard Stephens
    Mar 1, 2012
      Welcome, RD!

      I have been very satisfied with the sails. The shape is very nice and they
      seem to last a long time. The mast is quite flexible, so the Weta has that
      in common with windsurfers. I have seen some grommets pulled out on the
      earlier versions of the jib, but they seem to have that figured out now.

      If you are accustomed to a monohull with a thousand ways to tweak the set of
      the sail, you are in for an adjustment. Initially I thought I would want
      some extra controls, but after sailing the boat for two years, I think the
      rig works very well and I would not change anything.

      Will you get your boat in time for the one-design Southeast Championship
      regatta at Fort Walton Beach? April 26 - 29.


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