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  • begleyneil
    Dec 18, 2009
      Sorry if this is a repeat but I think I made an error in sending it.
      Hello all, I am Neil in North Queensland Australia and have ordered a new Weta due for delivery late January. I have not sailed a Weta nor inspected one closely so my questions may be redundant when my boat arrives.
      Club racing will be in a mixed fleet of cats with just one or two of us so class rules will not apply until I go to class regattas.
      Is the traveller a functioning traveller? If not can it be altered to function as a traveller? And if not why is it there?
      Is it class legal to apply top and bottom strops to the mainsheet to reduce fall?
      Has anyone thought about rigging a jib cunningham to alter luff tension whilst sailing?
      Has anyone worked out a quick way to change jib sheeting position to the clew board.
      No doubt there will be more questions later but these will do for now.
      Thanks and I look forward to being part of this group.
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