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288Re: Sails and Temperatures

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  • ericeaso
    Nov 1 11:02 PM
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      i know what you mean

      a friend poked a hole in my plastic rear window with skis tips once when loading skis into the back of my old jeep

      most of the clear plastics lose their flexibility and become brittle around zero celcius

      i'm not sure what the weta mylar sails will do

      the wetamarine website says the material is X-PLY a googler search turned up this page, it looks like the weta sails may be a subtype of X-PLY called PX10???


      glastra or the material maker will probably know more than weta marine

      a sample of the material in the fridge - 4C, freezer -4C, and deep freezer -10-20C?, would tell you a lot too

      eric e
      > I used to have a dragonfly tri with a window in the main and I'd blow
      > the main out about once every year when it was really cold (around
      > 2-5C or 35-40F).
      > I've got a survival suit and can sail til mid december before things
      > start icing up, but by then it's around freezing and with the
      > windchill probably -10C or colder
      > (no chortling from our pal in dubai) ;)
      > Does anybody know if the weta sails are going to get extra wear and
      > tear at these temperatures?
      > It dos seem to me that pretty much all the sails I've seen give way on
      > other boats has always been late fall.
      > thanks
      > glen
      > toronto island
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