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2562RE: [Weta-Trimarans] DB lift discussion

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  • Richard Stephens
    Aug 3, 2011
      Davo was talking about the "feeling" of lift, and I know what just he means.
      The boat is a joy to sail upwind.. It lifts your heart!

      The effect of the bow lifting out of the water when sail fast is caused by
      the rocker, or upward curve, in the main hull. The flow of water under the
      aft part of the hull sucks the stern down. This feature adds wave drag, but
      it is very helpful when sailing downwind, when you want to keep the bows
      from digging in. Also, the floats are narrower at the back than at the
      front, so when the boat is pressed hard, the stern goes down more than the
      bow. Both of these are design features that make the boat easy and
      forgiving to sail, but they do limit the top speed.



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