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202Re: upwind & GPS mount

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  • mfcdubai
    Aug 11, 2009
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      On the velcro - it is called 3M dual lock, and is sold in Radio Shack as superlock in 2x 3"x1" strips for a couple of $. It is amazing stuff, and will not even damage the gelcoat, as it is easily removable. I do plan to mount it on a removable hatch, but cannot bring myself to drill / cut into the hull :(

      I use a Garmin 76 (well, I have drowned two of them, and bought a new one), and use the standard marine mount, with a suction cup (to be replaced with dual lock as soon as I can get some), just forward and outboard of the centerboard box. Easily visible, but a great target for low flying jib sheets, or furler line. I have not tried the VMG yet - still in the silly grin mode. - I saw 15 kts, in about 18kts of breeze - two up - just before the last GPS died - direction / pointing ability? who gives a .....

      But seriously, I will have to start having less fun, and take the sailing more seriously.... but not just yet...

      Will report back on the VMG - might play with some mapsource data too, to see if I can make any sense of it :)

      (btw you should be penalised for the "but" in the I love my Weta but"!)

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