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200Re: [Weta-Trimarans] upwind & GPS mount

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  • Robert Shirley
    Aug 11, 2009
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      Thanks, I will try using the rear jib clue grommett next time. And, I have been footing just because it is funner. But I'm not sure it is the best race tactic as I have only Lasers to race against (on Friday nights).  I haven't raced them since mid June but will start again this week.
      I do have a Garmin hand held GPS that I use that does have VMG. I don't always trust VMG though based on past racing experience.  But, speaking of the GPS....
      another discussion topic:  What is the best way to mount the hand held GPS?  I saw the video of the KIWI with it mounted on his inspection port cover.  Is that just with Velcro?  I set mine there last time but coudn't see it very well. But if Velcro works I did find some other spots that would be good.  In light and moderate air I seem to be able to set it down and not worry about it moving, but I'm not willing to take that risk in heavy air.
      Any ideas? pix?

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      It's gotten better the more I've sailed - but I think it's just been time in

      the boat. Our first races we couldn't get around lasers. Now, with the new

      blade, we can, we can point with them and have a touch more speed if there

      is any breeze at all.

      In the really light stuff:

      All your weight forward

      use the back jib hole if you need power as it stiffens the jib leech

      I think to really get the boat to point you'd need somewhat tighter jib

      leads and a deck sweeping jib. We give up a lot with the current layout and

      jib cut.

      However, in any breeze - footing off is better VMG. Since you're sailing

      alone - maybe pick up one of those GPS devices with VMG - I have a

      velocitek. It will let you know what your best angle is.


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      > I love my WETA but....





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