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  • Robert Shirley
    Aug 10, 2009
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      I love my WETA but....

      I suspect we can all agree that beam reaching in strong winds with the Gennaker unfurled causes an involuntary reaction of wide, silly grinning.

      How about we discuss upwind performance. How about the trade off involved between having the leeward telltale slightly fluttering or the windward taletell slightly fluttering? It seems to be pretty significant.

      I try to find the "happy place" beween footing too much or heading too high. In so doing, it seems that the highest I have been able to point allows me to tack through 105 degrees. That is 57 degrees off the wind at best. Are you guys pointing higher? I want to tack through 90 degrees. What do I need to do differently to point higher? Would raking the mast back more help? I know I have the Jib halyard plenty tight (I use a trucker knot and the downward force of my 195lbs to attain the desired tension).

      I just got the new daggerboard and hoped it would help. But after one long sail, I didn't see a significant improvement. I do like the new board, though. For one thing, no more water coming up through the case.

      Break with the good tips, guys.

      Bob S.
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