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1906RE: [Weta-Trimarans] Re: Your Choice of handheld VHF?

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  • Richard Stephens
    Apr 3, 2011
      I, too, have always liked Standard Horizon. A couple of times I have had to
      return a waterlogged radio, and they replaced it with no quibbles - one time
      it was even a month or two passed the three-year warrantee. Great company.

      But they don't make a nice compact, lightweight radio you can fit in your

      A few years ago, West Marine had some bad publicity and widespread problems
      with their radios suffering from water damage. Now the WM brand radios are
      the only ones on the market that are IPX8. Most "submersible" radios are
      IPX7, which means they are tested to survive a quick dunking. IPX means they
      are tested at a specified depth (typically 1m) for a specified time (typ 30
      minutes). They are good radios.

      There are some cheap, small, lightweight radios (eg Cobra), which are just
      "splashproof". Some people use these in a waterproof case, but in my
      experience, the waterproof case shields the microphone, and it simply does
      not work when you are trying to transmit.

      The Icom M88 seems nice (very small & light), but it is expensive.

      I don't think the DSC feature of the HX851 is that big of a deal. In an
      emergency, the coast guard can triangulate to get the position of any VHF
      broadcast. It is doubtful that many other vessels have the means to plot
      your position from a DSC mayday call. Using the GPS really reduces the
      battery life.

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