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173Re: Introductions

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  • mfcdubai
    Jul 20 12:20 PM
      Update -

      Am now the first owner in Middle East - 233 and 234 now living happily in the heat and sun.

      Now have it just over a month and my expectations (which I must admit were high) have been blasted out of the water - literally. It is an amazing boat - but then again you all know that already.

      No problems so far other than one ama that is too well sealed and cannot breathe (120° air temp followed by 80° water makes it shrink!) - now sorted with a tiny hole into the crossbeam. Only other problem is that I cannot get out often enough to sail it, and too many people want to have a look, come for a ride :) - can't blame Weta for that...

      I guess when the season starts again (September or so), I will have a bit more fun as there will be more variety of boats to chase...


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