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1636Re: Is there anyone out there?

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  • Robert Spencer
    Feb 5, 2011
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      Hello George

      Dubai checking in!

      It is always summer here :) We have had some good wind recently, and while I have been sailing every weekend, I don't have much to write about!
      Raced yesterday in 17 - 20 kts - I brought some "ballast" - a 17 yo who has sailed musto, moth, 29er, but never a Weta. He helmed for the three races and we had a blast - I learned a few pointing tricks, and downwind ones too. Gps track shows plenty of 14kt+ legs, so yes we had fun!

      On the matter of handicaps - I have done some non scientific statistical analysis - and the only time my weta has a chance against the others is if they capsize a couple of times in a race - ant the wind is up! When I finish the chart (it looks at about 30 races in the open class) and make it presentable, I'll post it.

      Happy thawing


      Sent from iPhone (so please excuse the spelling!)
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