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1629Re: Is there anyone out there?

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  • g_hoti
    Feb 4, 2011
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      Hi All

      I'm a new member of the group, based in Melbourne Australia. I haven't got a Weta, but am thinking of buying one.

      There hasn't been much in Melbourne, as far as I know there are only 2 Wetas here. I think one of the problems is that there is no local dealer here, so you are relying on the good nature of the current owners to see the boat and for test sails. It also puts the price up by ~$1000 ($1AUD = $1USD at the moment) to get a boat delivered from Brisbane.

      The second part of the problem with no dealer is that there is no visibility. Without fleets, boats on the water, a dealer or attendance at boat shows there is no awareness of the boat. It did get an article in Australian Sailing in November, which was good, but I was surprised to find that the boat had been available for a number of years.

      Good winds


      --- In Weta-Trimarans@yahoogroups.com, "George" <wetabix0947@...> wrote:
      > Actually there was a serious point to my post - is the Weta being marketed seriously worldwide or is it being concentrated in the US of A? That sales are slow in the UK is not surprising - we are having a recession and the boat is really a warm water machine, but you would have thought that there were hundreds in New Zealand (which has not been flooded, as far as I know). But Google Weta New Zealand and you will be lucky to find any news newer than about two years old. I have repeatedly tried to sign up for a Weta Newsletter but nothing arrives. Tell me that all is well with the project?
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