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1626Re: Is there anyone out there?

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  • begleyneil
    Feb 4, 2011
      Well, it's been exciting here in Nth Queensland. I'm in Townsville where we got Cat 3. The main brunt of Cat 5 is only a couple of hours drive away so we were lucky. My Weta was on it's trailer under the house but with the expected tidal surge of several metres over maximum high tide it was lashed up well as if it was on a marina berth to stop it floating and bashing into the walls and concrete supports. Didn't happen. A couple of days before TC Yasi I took the Weta out in 20 knots+ to test out a Laser style traveller. Worked very well in those conditions being very controllable and stable. I lengthened the tiller about 20cm to fit under the traveller but this was a bit clumsy having to pass the tiller forward before tacking and I thought could be dangerous in emergency evasive actions so next time out I'll have twin tiller extensions both in front of the traveller. Also the tiller lengthening will be reduced to 10cm. This should nail it and I'm looking forward to testing it in competition when our season starts mid March. Should you have questions about this arrangement I'll only be here until Tuesday then away for a month. But for now it's back to stripping a couple of large tropical jungle yards that have been flattened.
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