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159Re: [Weta-Trimarans] Re: SF Bay tours

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  • Glen Newbury
    Jun 22, 2009
      Certainly good to watch the videos.

      I've been out in lots of 20 knot conditions and found although the boat has
      gone up sideways it's always recovered. If I start going up too much as
      you've probably noticed you can probably ignore the main and jib sheet (let
      go of the kite if you really think your going over) and just focus on the
      tiller, either to bare up and feather or bare off.

      The main problem I find when the wind is higher than 16 knots is I have a
      hard time holding the boat down so it's usually better to bring a friend
      along otherwise you can't power the boat up much, your always feathering....

      Have fun!

      best regards,

      On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 1:49 PM, mfcdubai <mfcdubai@...> wrote:

      > Up to 6 hours now, and I am enjoying each one more than the previous - it
      > just keeps getting better.
      > I have gone all technical and fitted a wind direction indicator that really
      > helps (a laser type, popped into the top if the mast, and held in place with
      > the sheave pin - works a treat for a noob who doesn't know the wind
      > direction (ears don't work - even when wet).
      > Flying the kite is a blast, even in < 10 kts of wind - it just takes off,
      > with a few pumps of the sheet, and weheyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !
      > Solo is still so much more fun, but new and old friends keep appearing!
      > Had 233 (mine) and 234 (a friend's) out - great interest from all at the
      > club - I think they will not be the only Weta in the Middle East this time
      > next year. 20 ktd forecast for later in the week - must check out that
      > capsize video...
      > R.
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      > Mitch <mitch.sailing@...> wrote:
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      > > grin inducing little boat, ain't it?
      > >

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