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158Re: SF Bay tours

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  • mfcdubai
    Jun 22, 2009
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      Up to 6 hours now, and I am enjoying each one more than the previous - it just keeps getting better.

      I have gone all technical and fitted a wind direction indicator that really helps (a laser type, popped into the top if the mast, and held in place with the sheave pin - works a treat for a noob who doesn't know the wind direction (ears don't work - even when wet).

      Flying the kite is a blast, even in < 10 kts of wind - it just takes off, with a few pumps of the sheet, and weheyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !

      Solo is still so much more fun, but new and old friends keep appearing!

      Had 233 (mine) and 234 (a friend's) out - great interest from all at the club - I think they will not be the only Weta in the Middle East this time next year. 20 ktd forecast for later in the week - must check out that capsize video...


      --- In Weta-Trimarans@yahoogroups.com, Mitch <mitch.sailing@...> wrote:
      > grin inducing little boat, ain't it?
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