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130The new blades.....

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  • wetatri
    Mar 17, 2009
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      As some of you already know, late last year, Weta announced a new daggerboard, and rudder system for the boats.

      The new daggerboard is 18" longer than the older "standard" board, and now sports an elliptical bottom.

      The new rudder replaces the Dotan system with Weta's own design. The rudder stock is all carbon, and once again, the blade now has an elliptical bottom.

      Workmanship on these pieces is VERY nice.

      Many of the boats in the S.F. Fleet have made the change, and this weekend we got to try them for the first time. Fit was a problem most of the boats. The problem turned out to be excess gelcoat in the dagger trunk. In most cases, this was easily solved with a rasp, although some cases took a little more work.

      The new daggerboard is a huge improvement over the original....especially in the lighter air.

      The new rudder has a much more solid feel than the old plastic-head Dotan. This proved useful in the heavy winds of Saturday's St. Francis Yacht Club's Spring Dinghy invitational, in which 7 Wetas entered, and 6 showed up to race. (hopefully Bob of Greg will post some of their experiences from the weekend....hint, hint, hint). ;-)

      The only downside to the new blades is the cost. Although Weta has provided these to existing owners at a discounted price. Early Weta owners who want the new blades will have to shell out an additional $650. Bummer!!!!

      The good news is that the new blades now come standard on all the new boats.