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127Complete newbie question..

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  • mfcdubai
    Feb 10, 2009
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      Ok, so I am currently a Windrider 16 owner, and about to take the leap
      to the Weta. I have researched high and low, here and there , and can
      not find anyone with anything bad to say about it (with the exception
      of those who obviously moan at everything!).

      I have always believed that anything that seems too good to be true,
      generally is. Has anyone got any dislikes / pet annoyances? - I really
      like the traveller over the rudder idea, as it seems a little 'messy'
      (just like the TopCat I was sailing last weekend, but nothing that I
      would consider a problem).

      My plans are for single handed setup / launch / sail from a beach /
      slipway in inshore waters with 5-15 kts usual wind, and always good
      temperatures - so the wet ride is not a problem (I'm in Dubai).

      Anything I should watch out for ? (other than than 'helpers').

      Any comments most welcome :)