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Monday Dec. 6th state budget forum - 2 PM - budget outline

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    Below is a brief outline prepared by New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness about the timeline for the state budget. Hunger Action Network and the Westchester ES2
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      Below is a brief outline prepared by New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness about the timeline for the state budget.
      Hunger Action Network and the Westchester ES2 campaign will sponsor a forum about the state and county budgets on Mon Dec 6th at 2 PM at Westhelp Greenburgh.1 Westhelp Drive, White Plains, NY 10603-1934 (914) 683-2559
      The prime focus will be on the state budget, which comes out on Feb. lst this year.. Will we discuss an overview of the state's financial situation, what Cuomo is likely to propose, possible revenue options, and discuss plans for outreach in Westchester County
      The state budget is facing a $9 billion deficit for next year. This is after major cuts in most human service, welfare, education, health care and housing programs were enacted last year. Governor-elect Cuomo has ruled out any "tax hikes"; in addition, the possibility of additional federal fiscal relief is remote. Thus it is likely that Cuomo will propose major spending cuts in programs that impact upon low and middle income people.
      We will also provide an update on job initiatives in the state budget.
      The statewide HANNYS/ ES2 lobby day is Tuesday March 1.
      If you have info you would like to include in the presentation - or if you would like to provide info about how the county budget is impacting your program - please contact dunleamark@.... 212 74108192 xt 5#

      NYS Budget Timeline:  Important Dates and Opportunities

      Ron Deutsch, NYFF



      January 2011

      State of the State Address:  On January  5, 2011, Governor Cuomo will give the annual State of the State address.  In this speech he will detail the policies and programs that he would like to put in place to move the State forward. Hunger Action's People State of the State address takes place at the Capitol at noon on the day before - Jan. 4.

      Advocacy opportunity:  For organizations working on the budget this is a good time to weigh in on the Governor’s speech.  It is a good time to put together comments from your organization and get them to the LCA Press reporters covering the Capital (http://lcapressroom.blogspot.com/2007/01/press-room-directory.html). Comments should relate to what the Governor was talking about in his speech and should be directed to reporters covering the area of the state that you live in.

      It is also a month long opportunity to meet with the Governor’s Staff and Division of Budget staff that will be crafting the budget. It is a time to make your case as to why your policy issue/funding/proposals should be included in the Executive Budget Proposal.  

      February 2011

      Executive Budget Released:  Since Andrew Cuomo is an incoming Governor he has until February 1st to release his Executive Budget (usually it is released in January on the second Tuesday, following the first Wednesday, after the first Monday).  The Executive Budget will detail exactly how Cuomo plans to close the $9+ billion budget gap the state will face for the coming fiscal year. He will release both appropriations bills and language bills with his executive budget proposal.

      Advocacy Opportunity:  This is another opportunity to weigh in on the budget document itself.  You can either contact LCA Press members with Press Releases (more explanatory and detailed) or Press Statements (statement from a notable figure with in your organizations).  If we have detailed information about something objectionable in the budget it is a good time to hold a rally or action to get some press attention to the topic or cause you care about.  We will organize a budget forum in Westchester in Feb.

      Legislative Budget Hearings:  Very shortly after the release of the Executive Budget, the Legislatures’ joint fiscal committees (Assembly Ways and Means and Senate Finance) will hold public hearings where the State Agency Commissioners and the public will have an opportunity to comment on the proposed cuts contained in the Executive Budget Proposals.

       Advocacy Opportunity:  This is also a good time to get members of your organization to testify at these hearings.  You need to register right away – as soon as they are announced as speaking slots fill up quickly.  If you are unable to get a speaking time – this is also potentially a good time to plan an action or rally outside of the hearings.  There is always a lot of press at the beginning of the hearings and then it starts to wane toward the end.

      March 2011

      Revenue Forecast: Under State finance law, prior to March 1, the Director of the Division of the Budget, the Secretary of the Senate Finance Committee, and the Secretary of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee must issue a joint report containing a consensus forecast of the economy and estimates of receipts.

      One House Budgets/Resolutions:  Sometimes the Assembly and Senate will either issue a complete one house budget (very detailed) or a budget resolution (less detailed and more of an outline).  They do not always do this – but it is usually useful because it identifies what the priorities of each house are.

      Conference Committees:  While Conference Committees are supposed to occur as part of the budget process they do not always happen.  I believe that Governor Cuomo is going to ask for conference committees and may in fact structure his Executive Budget proposal to correspond to the Legislatures’ pre-established conference committee structure.

      Advocacy Opportunity:  March is a critical time for advocacy.  Tuesday March 1 is the annual Hunger Action / ES2 lobby day in Albany. If the legislature is preparing one house budgets/resolutions it is very important to try and get your issue/policy/funding into their budget proposals.  If you are not in the Executive Budget or the Legislature’s budget proposals it is very difficult to become part of the final budget (although nothing is impossible in Albany).  March is usually the busiest month at the Capital.  It is the time when our elected officials are cutting deals and finalizing budget negotiations.  It is the most critical time to lobby/educate on your issues.  You need to build a critical mass of support to move your policies issues forward.

      April – Whenever?

      April 1st: Start of New fiscal year The final Budget is supposed to be adopted by this date.  If history is any guide, it is usually not.  During this time period budget negotiations can be fast and furious.  Often deals are announced multiple times before a final deal is reached.

       Advocacy Opportunity:  If the budget does not pass on time then much of the advocacy described in the March section is still in play.  Nothing is done until everything is done in Albany when it comes to budgets.


      Important websites/numbers:


      Division of Budget: www.budget.state.ny.us

      Assembly: www.assembly.state.ny.us

      Assembly switchboard: 518-455-4100

      Senate: www.nysenate.gov

      Senate Switchboard: 518-455-2800

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