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356Maloney Joins to Reject Farm Bill and SNAP Cuts

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  • dunleamark
    Jun 20, 2013
      So Cong. Maloney joined in voting no against the Farm Bill. Thanks to everyone who has been calling him.
      Complete chaos in DC about what to do next.
      Statement of Hunger Action Network of NYS on House Vote to Reject the Farm Bill
      For Immediate Release: June 20, 2013
      For More Information: Mark Dunlea, 212 741-8192 xt 5#
      We appreciate the many New York congressional members who voted to defeat the House Farm Bill that included more than $20 billion in SNAP cuts.
      We hope that the Congressional leadership finally understands that Americans overwhelmingly reject the idea of cutting food stamps, especially at a time when the lines at emergency food programs are so long. Too many Americans are out of work. It is time to instead focus on passing a Farm Bill that increases access to healthy food for all Americans, provides a livable income to farmers and other food workers, reforms international food aid to support indigenous farmers, and protects our water supplies from runoff from pesticides, fertilizers and animal waste.
      The Farm Bill was defeated 195-234. 24 D’s voted in favor and 60 R’s voted against
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