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Call Sen. Klein - Urge Vote on Min Wage Hike

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      When Senator Jeff Klein announced that he was throwing control of the State Senate from the majority Democrats to the minority Republicans, he said he was doing this for the benefit of New Yorkers around issues such as raising the minimum wage.

      The reality is that without Klein power grab, the Senate would have already passed a minimum wage hike. It is time for Klein to deliver on this promise.

      Please call Senator Klein: District office - 718 822-2049; Albany office - 518 455-3595

      Please bring the minimum wage bill that the Assembly passed to a vote in the State Senate next week. Otherwise, please immediately end you agreement to give power to the Senate Republicans. You are hurting the family of New York.

      Time for Senate Co-Leader Klein to Raise State Minimum Wage

      Klein is Flunking the People's Litmus Test

      The Hunger Action Network of New York State said it was time for New York State Senator Jeff Klein to bring a minimum wage hike to the floor of the State Senate to show that his power-sharing arrangement with the Senate Republicans is something other than about patronage and personal power.

      The Assembly recently passed a $9 an hour minimum wage bill, with indexing. Governor Cuomo had included a smaller hike in his budget, without indexing, but has recently said he may remove it from the budget because of opposition by the Senate Republicans, who are a minority in the State Senate.

      "If this was a true, historic power-sharing agreement, Senator Klein should have brought the minimum wage bill to a vote in the first few weeks of the session. Right now, his main accomplishment has been to thwart the democratic will of the voters in NYS and hand over power to the minority Senate Republicans. The Senate Democrats are more progressive than the Assembly and certainly the Governor. Senator Klein legacy at the moment is that he has blocked the majority Democrats from enacting an agenda to raise the minimum wage and otherwise improving the status of low-income and working New Yorkers", stated Mark Dunlea, Executive Director of Hunger Action Network.

      As part of Hunger Action Network's annual State of the State, the group delivered a People's Litmus Test of issues that Senator Klein needed to deliver upon to demonstrate that his deal with the Senate Republicans was in the interest of the voters of New York State. So far progress has been made on only one issue in the test - passing gun control - and that was primarily due to the steamrolling efforts of Governor Cuomo.

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