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  • westisall
    G Day Gang. Another Anniversary where did the year go? Witnesses can be as adamant about what they did and didn t see including me, I have no problems with
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      G' Day Gang.

      Another Anniversary where did the year go?

      Witnesses can be as adamant about what they did and didn't see including me, I have no problems with that but if it is base on a montage of memories of those times that you experienced at the schools plus The Westall Incident, then there could be a blend of memories and time-lines.

      The phone rings and it's a Ufologist/Researcher/Media out of the blue wanting you to cast your memory back to April the 6th 1966. (you most likely didn't even remember the date/time)

      Whatever you say will go down in print, a Ufologists/researchers are in a bit of a bind if you say there was one, two or three UFOs/Circles and are doing their job right then they are "bound" to record what the witness has stated, however I'm not writing a book, running a website or making a Doco I'm free to question.

      I cannot comment on how many UFO because I wasn't there however through my research interviewing witnesses, farmers, Council, researchers, Data, photo's gathered and studying the 66 Aerial photo I can sort out a lot as to where circle/s can or can't be.

      If you stay with this then you really want to know.

      It comes down to your memory of the circle/s if you see it in your memory as a flattened circle/s in tall grass on flat ground (and might be spot on where you have placed it) however circles have been placed all over the place and so I'm going to concentrate on where they can't be according to "your memory" as mention above.

      I'm going to use the 66 AP on the website, I found the AP to be frustrating even at one point I thought it might have been doctored there's just not enough detail however it is still useful.

      I rotated the AP so that the Highschool is up at the left hand corner (front of the school is facing North) the Grange is on the right side (South) Westall RD at the top (East) the reason for this is you are NOT looking directly down on Westall you are about Ten thousand feet up and slightly to the North and "well West" of Westall looking back so to speak.(The focal point)

      Everything is slightly tilted over to the east and south you can see this (proof) if you look at a tall object like the Transmission Pylons especially the one on the west end of the school ground you can follow them down Fairbank Rd, they are casting a shadow over the road indicating that the photo was taken in the morning, you are looking from, be it slightly to the North and way west of the pylons in other words you are looking at the West/side of Pylons/Buildings etc this is also why you can see the wooden fence at the school as opposed to looking directly down on it.

      The above is to get a feel for what you are looking at, from memory I believe the aircraft taking the photos was traveling in an east/westerly direction.

      Next is the colour spectrum of White to dark Grey/Black.

      Any freshly dug soil shows up white and any dark green vegetation/tundra show up dark Grey/Black.

      An example;

      In February, (this photo was taken in February by the way) they started laying the sewage pipes Norman Bury help me confirm this) Hello Norman, you can see them along the South/west fence and up on the East/side of the primary School whilst we are there you see a walking track making its way to the corner South/east corner to a gap in the fence.

      On the West/side (oval) you see a looped track this is caused by the "trucks" dropping off the pipes which are stored along the fence there, Hume pipes is conveniently opposite the front of the school.

      So the soil is freshly exposed and showing up white these fresh white marks are seen right across to the back of the Golf course and down in under the Pines in the Grange you see pipes of different sizes dropped off along Worsley Ave and in the Grange itself.

      The point I'm making is you can grade the colour white through to black, the proof is this freshly exposed soil.

      So we know the school ground is mowed as is backyards of house properties and Golf course you can see for-instance the grass is a bit on the thin side (colour change) in places on the Golf course however you can also see the idle (long grass) paddocks around the area and see the different textures.

      Now, first I'll start at the school ground (West side) here there have been claims of landings on the school ground as already mention there was also a sewing teacher taken out into the yard and shown a circle north/west side of the school grounds, quoting, seeing trees and a circle, the only problem is, they are NOT trees in the strict sense of the word, (as in tall pine trees) they are not much higher than the eaves/roof of the caretakers house more like a hedge along the fence of the caretakers house, as JB described , looking like conifer/cypress type of thing, second did the researcher/Shane ask her (sewing teacher to describe the circle to see if she remembers tall grass flattened over and what kind of trees?

      If that is what she remembers the above. You've got a problem..

      The grass is mowed and green you can see this and just a thought the damage from the Sewage works on the grounds and going into later a drought the grounds would have taken some years to recover I can see students taking newbies to a patch lacking in grass and saying something like, this is where a flying Saucer landed.

      The soil in the area ranges from sandy to hard as concrete due the to the amount a clay in the soil.

      Incidentally they have started work on the third wing of the High school late 65 you can see a long blackish rectangular mark between the High/school and Primary/school why it is black I don't know but you see Vehicles there around the area and by April the 6th it would have been more advanced, meaning tradesmen labourers etc.

      Did anybody/Researchers find the Builders/Building company witnesses etc?

      All this is going on do you remember any of it?

      There are witnesses who placed there circle on the property across Fairbank Rd on the Marquis's property, fine but using the Grey scale you will see the lighter colours this is because "most" of the land/property is cultivated if you look at the AP you will see from White to different shades of Grey to Black you see at the front idle paddocks close to the house and the horse paddocks at the rear (South) the rest is cultivated land in different shades of Grey, there are seedlings at various stages of growth to freshly turned soil the black rectangles on the property are mature crops you see one paddock in the middle being harvested. (Carrots/Onions and the like dark green foliage)

      My point here is if you have place your circle across the road roughly in front of the Primary School you are placing your circle on raised wide soft beds of either seedings or mature crop (by April) if you see in your mind flat firm ground under your feet grass up to your thighs and a flattened grass circle then, you've got a problem.

      I have interviewed witnesses who said their circle was across the road in a paddock only to find when you link them to the 66AP they are quite surprised to find the farm there.(They thought/remembered the Grange backed on to the school property with the road between.)

      Fairbank road was a dirt road in poor condition ruts/potholes etc no guttering nothing, you stepped down on to the road off an untidy nature strip crossing over you stepped up onto the untidy embankment on the other side making your way up a slight rise to the barbed wire fence about four taunt rusty barbed wires and about four foot high you are confronted with paddocks of rows of cultivated beds (running parallel with the road) in different stages of growth this is for those who think they cut across the farm land on their way to the Grange you have three barbed wire fences to contend with or do you remember running through flat paddock/s with grass up to your thighs (that particular grass in the area could grow up to 900mm in the right conditions.)

      If you do, you've got a problem.

      Tall trees a sparse around the Marquis's property line.

      You can see to the left of the picture and over to the Grange (Pines) its a pretty clear view I think the picture is 63 opening day at the state school, no transmission lines yet.

      Opening Day at the State school.


      The Grange;
      At the reunion there would have been a need by researchers/witnesses, a pressure upon you, if you like to find where you thought your circle/s was before you left.

      Looking at the AP you will see that the paddocks (now Soccer field) are also cultivated and by April most likely a crops close to maturity.

      If you placed your circle there and you remember tall grass flattened over, you've got a problem.

      I f you place it south along a strip of land next to the soccer field, you've got a problem.

      There is a dark green tundra all through the Grange (shows up dark grey/black however some of it was cleared away to make the park user friendly you can use Google Earth to compare where you placed your circle on the day of the reunion you will see the lay out of the trees paddocks etc and then compare it with the 66AP.

      Grange Photo's


      On the 66AP you can zoom in on cars there on the school ground a family sedan/wagon is around the 14 foot mark two bumper to bumper gives you and idea roughly how big a thirty foot circle would be.

      Better sign off, I hope this has been of some help there's lot more but I think I hear the sound of snoring. So I'll leave there. Les
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