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  • one_kiss_and_the_rhythms_divine
    ... Thanks Mustafa I didn t know that for a fact. I guess then, we have already enough stuff and interviews with witness to make something of a program. Does
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 3, 2008
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      > > Answer to Met Mustafa
      > > Thanks for your interest. I cannot really remember word for word my
      > > answers it all happens so fast you really gotta be on your toes.
      > > I will try to get a link and put it on the site so we can all listen
      > > again.
      > > If you go to the web sight and read the witness statements you will
      > > find they claim that the girl named Tanya, who touched the craft. Was
      > > taken away in an ambulance in an hysterical state. We never saw her
      > again.
      > > It is believed that she and her whole family were relocated over the
      > > next few days. When friends went to her house they were told that the
      > > family never lived there.
      > > We are currently collecting school photos building up a list of names
      > > from them and looking to see who can identify her from their class.
      > > I have been in touch with the Company Fotomakers.(you can google them)
      > > that takes the school photos they were very helpful.
      > > They have informed me that they do not keep records for more than two
      > > years because they don't have enough archive space.
      > > Westall Secondary College should however have all the school photos
      > > that were ever taken, including the reunion photos.
      > > So you can feel free to contact the College on 03 9546 3233 or email
      > > info@ and request the photo of your choice.
      > > You can also be included (if you were a former student) on their data
      > > base so that you can be contacted for further reunions and happenings.
      > > If you ladies have become Married, or changed your address you will
      > > need to inform the college.
      > > So for those students who think they might be able to recognize Tanya
      > > but don't have a form photo, get to work and get one.
      > >
      > > I believe the purpose of this Web Site is to keep all interested
      > > parties in touch with each other and to locate and encourage more
      > > witnesses to come forward with there own stories. The bigger the
      > > profile we can make of ourselves the stronger we become and the closer
      > > we get to achieving our aim of obtaining answers to what happened on
      > > that day and if the days following April 6 1966.
      > > So, current list members, lets see if we can get in touch with every
      > > one in all of the 1966 form photos and see what they have to
      > > contribute. A lot of small bits of information may lead to something
      > > big. Like bits in a jigsaw puzzle.
      > > Stay in touch. Met Mustafa.
      > >
      > > And to all list members
      > > STAY ACTIVE
      > > Regards
      > > Ian Cochrane
      > >
      > Ian,
      > Thanks.Westall UFO doco.is due for release early next year
      > according to Producer Carmel McAloon, in case you don't know.
      > Met Mustafa
      Thanks Mustafa
      I didn't know that for a fact. I guess then, we have already enough
      stuff and interviews with witness to make something of a program. Does
      this mean that we can stop looking for future list members and
      witnesses or do we continue on the way we are going?
      From the little I know I an not satisfied yet that we have enough
      info, but then as I said I don't know much of what has been resourched
      so far. I won't be happy until we are knocking on someones' door
      asking for our camera and film to be returned.I would be delighted if
      you could fill me in please as to what has been happening so far.
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