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Westall & Moorabbin Airport

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  • rserong
    Dear Shane & Group Members, I hope you don t mind an incursion from someone who is not a witness and who has had nothing at all to do with the 1966 incident,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2007
      Dear Shane & Group Members,

      I hope you don't mind an incursion from someone who is not a witness
      and who has had nothing at all to do with the 1966 incident, but I
      offer these comments for what they're worth, as an interested bystander:

      I am a pilot, based at Moorabbin Airport and several days ago I was
      visited by a couple of women inquiring about an `incident' that
      happened near the airport in the late sixties. I only had a vague
      recollection of things I may have heard in the media and was of little
      help to them, but their visit stimulated my interest and upon making
      some inquiries, another pilot friend who's interested in such matters
      sent me a copy of the Woman's Day article, which of course led me to
      your group.

      It's a fascinating story and from an outsider's point of view, who has
      nothing whatsoever to gain one way or another, it is obvious to me
      that many people, students and teachers alike, saw something
      extraordinary that day, remaining unexplained to this.

      Such was my interest that I flew over the Grange and the schools the
      other day and the first thing that struck me was how very close the
      site is to Moorabbin airport, in fact it is only just outside the
      Moorabbin circuit area. I've probably flown over it many times in the
      past without realising. In my aircraft, which is quite slow, it was
      only a couple of minutes' flight time. The site is also between the
      airport and the Glen Waverley Police Academy, which is the inbound
      reporting point for traffic approaching Moorabbin from the north-east.
      (Not sure if this was the case back in 1966 - if it was, it would have
      been the Corpus Christie seminary.) This tells me a couple of things –
      firstly that students and staff would have been very familiar with the
      appearance and sound of light aircraft (noted by others) and that when
      they say that the objects in question were not aeroplanes or
      helicopters, then these would have been well-informed observations.

      The second thing Moorabbin's proximity tells me is that it would have
      been extremely unlikely that a secret military aircraft would have
      been flying so close to a busy civilian airport. (In the sixties,
      Moorabbin airport was busier than it is today.) The military just
      wouldn't have flown so close to Moorabbin, for the precise reason of
      being seen by other aircraft – this was borne out by the fact that the
      witnesses saw up to five light aircraft investigating and trying to
      follow the objects.

      If the objects had been military aircraft, then they would have had
      some unknown source of propulsion, as all aircraft at the time were
      powered either by piston engines or some type of turbine or jet
      engine. The sound of these would have been very familiar to the
      observers, and all witnesses have consistently said the objects either
      made no noise or a `metallic humming' sound, unlike the sound of
      conventional aircraft.

      Against these arguments, the secrecy of the authorities and the orders
      for witnesses not to talk about the incident, point towards some sort
      of military involvement. But maybe this was an attempt to avoid public
      panic - a la Roswell - that prompted the secrecy and cover-up...

      To me, the origin of the Westall objects in 1966 is as equally elusive
      as the origin of the object observed by Frederick Valentich before his
      unfortunate disappearance in 1978. I've often thought about him when
      flying at night, and maybe that's why I keep away from Bass Strait!
      I'm happy to fly over Westall again though…

      Good luck with your investigations – I hope more witnesses eventually
      come forward to shed more light on the mystery.


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