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2m digital net - Wed nights @ 8pm on 5.49

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  • Joe Veldhuis
    It s back, and hopefully better than ever. Starting this coming Wednesday, February 1st at 8 PM, the 2 meter digital net will now be held using FM, since very
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2006
      It's back, and hopefully better than ever. Starting this coming
      Wednesday, February 1st at 8 PM, the 2 meter digital net will now be
      held using FM, since very few people seem to have 2m SSB gear and that
      was probably it failed before.

      It will be done using the NOARC 145.490 +94.8 repeater in Grand Haven.
      There is also a remote receiver in Grand Rapids with a PL of 91.5, and
      an Echolink node (N8ARY-L).

      This week's net will be done with PSK31, but in the future I do intend
      to use other modes. MFSK16, RTTY, Olivia and any other modes that anyone
      wants to try will have their nights. Also, at least once a month (and
      possibly more), I want to use SSTV, or perhaps even HD-SSTV. Currently I
      plan to do SSTV on the third Wednesday of each month.

      A few things must be done differently due to the use of a repeater:

      * Since it will timeout after 3 minutes, transmissions need to be kept
      brief. PSK31 and MFSK16 should be kept to 500 words or less, faster
      modes will permit more verbose transmissions.

      * I will make a voice announcement every so often stating what's going on.

      * A second or 2 should be left between transmissions on the off chance
      that someone needs to make an emergency call.

      Anyway, to get in on it, you need software and a soundcard interface.

      For software I recommend:
      - MixW (www.mixw.net) does everything but costs $50
      - Free single-mode apps:
      - PSK31/63: Digipan (www.digipan.net)
      - RTTY: MMTTY (mmhamsoft.ham-radio.ch/mmtty)

      Real OS's:
      - gMFSK -hkj fork (www.w1hkj.com), free, does almost everything

      The soundcard interface is just a simple device to carry audio between
      the rig and soundcard. A simple one can be made by running a straight
      cable from your rig's speaker jack to your soundcard's line-in jack,
      cutting the cord off of a pair of headphones and connecting it to the
      rig's mic or data in pins, and using a transistor switch for keying
      (google "PTT interface"). If you can't find something to harvest them
      out of I can send you the needed transistor, resistor and diode, I've
      got a box of them. If you don't want to homebrew one, tons of
      commercially-made ones are available, such as the Rigblaster or Rascal.
      They go for around $50.

      Some rigs might have an explicit "packet" mode, which causes them to use
      their data jack instead of the mic jack. If your rig has such a setting,
      and you are using the data jack, you should set it to this. If you are
      using an HF+VHF rig, it might also have a "digital" or "RTTY" setting.
      Don't use this setting, since that will put the rig in sideband mode.
      "Packet" will put it in FM mode. Most FM-only rigs, whether or not they
      have a data jack, probably do not have a "packet mode" setting, instead
      monitoring both the mic and data jacks all the time, and automatically
      taking audio from whichever side the PTT signal came from.

      Hopefully I've supplied enough information here to get everyone started.
      I certainly hope to see everyone there!

      73 de Joe KD8ATU SK . .
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