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  • Tom VanderMel
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2006
      > (Reply to k8je@.... Do not click on REPLY.)
      > - BPL -- Good New Continues
      > - Dayton HamventionĀ®
      > - ARRL Members Forum at Hamvention
      > - DFing
      > - Scholarship Winners
      > - Question No. 2 -- You asked. Here is the answer.
      > - My Travel Plans
      > I continue to be optimistic about the future of BPL. As you may
      > recall, we have been successful at getting a favorable amendment
      > inserted into HB 5252, the US House of Representatives version of the
      > Communications Act rewrite. This amendment would require the FCC to
      > ensure any BPL system they allow to operate will not interfere with the
      > operation of any licensed telecommunications service. This means the
      > FCC must ensure BPL does not interfere with safety services
      > communications systems . . . and Amateur Radio. There is nothing for
      > us to do at this time on this bill, but you will be asked at the proper
      > time to write your Congressman to support the bill.
      > We also have received word that a high-ranking US Senator has come out
      > in support of including similar wording in the US Senate version of the
      > Communications Act rewrite. Again, you will be requested to write in
      > support of Senate action when the proper time comes.
      > In each case, our success came largely as the result of letters written
      > by our members in key Congressional Districts regarding HB 5252 and in
      > a key state regarding the Senate rewrite wrote to their Congressman and
      > their Senator, respectfully.
      > Grassroots action works! Grassroots action is legal! Grassroots
      > action is honorable! Grassroots action is smart! Grassroots action is
      > the only way you, the member, can help ensure your Amateur Radio
      > survives and remains healthy.
      > If you'd like to learn what you can do to become more involved in our
      > grassroots Legislative Action Program, send me an E-mail request. I'll
      > be happy to be certain you receive information.
      > Final thought: The news about BPL may be pretty good on several fronts
      > these days, but there is still a lot of work to be done. We need your
      > help to ensure victory. Please help when the time comes.
      > My observation is that the Hamvention was a tremendous success for the
      > Hamvention Committee, the Dayton ARA and the vendors -- ARRL included.
      > We don't know, yet, what the profit/loss statement for ARRL's EXPO will
      > be for this year, but EXPO was an unquestionable success. Once again,
      > it brought thousands of amateurs and many of the Directors, officers
      > and staff of ARRL to meet face to face. The members were able to put
      > faces on the people they elected and the people who in turn were hired
      > to serve the League by the elected officials. The elected and hired
      > people were able to put faces to members whom they serve. When this
      > occurs, it is more difficult for anyone to consider an elected
      > official, employee or a member as being uncaring or unintelligent.
      > This brings us all a better appreciation of each other so that we can,
      > together, work toward resolving the problems we all as radio amateurs
      > face.
      > You may not have known it, but the man who sold you a new Handbook at
      > EXPO might just have been Bob Vallio, W6GRG, Director from the Pacific
      > Division. The fellow who handed you your PASSPORT might just have been
      > Director Jay Bellows, K0QB of the Dakota Division. Also available in
      > EXPO as well as at several of the forums, were President Joel Harrison,
      > W5ZN, Vice President Kay Craigie, K3KN, Central Division Director Dick
      > Isely, W9GIG, Southwestern Division Director Dick Norton, N6AA,
      > Atlantic Division Director Bill Edgar, N3LLR, Northwestern Division
      > Director Jim Fenstermaker, K9JF, Southeastern Division Director Frank
      > Butler, W4RH, Midwest Division Director Wade Walstrom, W0EJ, and nearly
      > each member of our senior staff from Newington . . . and more.
      > Me? I was either in the two forums I moderated or at the Grassroots
      > Legislative Action booth nearly throughout the Hamvention. I'm sorry
      > that I missed seeing a number of you who stopped by to say hello, but I
      > was very happy to get to see many others who came by.
      > No one had hard questions to ask ARRL President Joel Harrison, W5ZN,
      > Vice President Kay Craigie, K3KN, Ohio Section Manager Joe Phillips,
      > K8QOE, CEO Dave Sumner, K1ZZ, COO Harold Kramer, WJ1P, Development
      > Officer Mary Hobart, K1MMH or Membership Manager Katie Breen, W1KRB . .
      > . or me. At least no one with a hard question asked it during the
      > Member Forum in spite of my attempts to goad them into doing this.
      > Obviously, everyone understands and is happy with the League's proposed
      > Regulation by Bandwidth -- it wasn't brought up -- or proposed
      > restructuring -- it wasn't brought up -- or work with the High Speed
      > Multi-Media Working Group -- it wasn't brought up. There were several
      > good and interesting questions asked . . . and answered, but no tough
      > ones. On the other hand, I thought I heard a few chickens clucking
      > from outdoors in the flea market.
      > For you nay Sayers, all I have to say is that you had your chance, once
      > again, to have an enlightened discussion of issues with the League
      > leaders who have the detailed answers. Bluntly speaking, you blew it,
      > once again.
      > DFING
      > The Sixth USA National ARDF Championships took place April 7-9 near
      > Raleigh, North Carolina. Later this year, the 13th World Championships
      > will get under way on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.
      > Bob Frey, WA6EZV, Cincinnati, took second place overall and was first
      > in 2M for US Men in the age 50 category. In categories for women, gold
      > medal winners included Emily DeYoung, K4MLE, of Alexandria, Kentucky.
      > Dick Arnett, WB4SUV, Erlanger, Kentucky took bronze in the male age 60
      > category on 80 M. Talks about perennial top-runners, these three
      > always are near the top of the hotly contested DFer's heap!
      > Congratulations, again!
      > Great Lakes Division young hams walked off with two scholarships in the
      > recent, annual ARRL Foundation scholarship awards. Paducah, KY resident
      > Jonathan Jewell, KI4ETM received a Northern California DX Foundation
      > Scholarship of $1,000 and Portage, MI ham Kathryn Ankenbauer, KD8AHA
      > received an ARRL Foundation General Fund Scholarship, also of $1,000.
      > Please join in congratulating the scholarship winners from the Great
      > Lakes Division.
      > Fifty-three scholarships ranging in value of $500 to $5,000 were
      > awarded through the Foundation. Many of the scholarships were
      > sponsored by Amateur Radio organizations or by individuals. The ARRL
      > Foundation is just one of the sources of scholarships awarded through
      > ARRL. For information on the full range of scholarships contact Mary
      > Hobart, K1MMH, k1mmh@....
      > Isn't ARRL merely a publishing house with its sole purpose being to
      > make money printing and selling stuff?
      > As often occurs, a fair amount of truth is implied in this question.
      > ARRL does run a publishing house as its business arm, and one purpose
      > of this business is to make money. The validity of the implications
      > voiced in the question end at this point.
      > There is nothing wrong with making a fair profit. It is the lifeblood
      > of economics all over the world. ARRL's profits from its publishing
      > business are honorable in two of their two aspects. First, the profits
      > are fair. They compare favorably with profits of other publishers in
      > the country. There is no hint of price gouging. Second, profits made
      > by ARRL are used to help support ARRL (which is you, the members).
      > Partly through this profit, dues are kept at a reasonable level and
      > services are provided that could not be provided without the profit or
      > much higher dues.
      > The publishing business run by ARRL is a win-win proposition for us
      > members. The members win and the League (which, again, is its members)
      > wins. Without the income from the business, we would suffer by having
      > a much weaker ARRL that would be limited to providing much less support
      > for Amateur Radio. In addition, without ARRL's publishing activities,
      > Amateur Radio operators and those studying to become hams throughout
      > the US and much of the rest of the world would have far fewer, high
      > quality technical books and materials available to use and study.
      > There is one additional aspect to the prices ARRL charges for certain
      > publications. The League sells a number of items that are controlled
      > by someone else, not by ARRL. Two examples of these items are the
      > license training video the League sold for several years and the Radio
      > Society of Great Britain -- RSGB - publications we and CQ and others
      > sell. To the greatest extent, the owners of these items set the prices
      > we charge for them. In the case of the video, its owner charged a
      > substantial royalty on each copy ARRL sold.
      > The real choice open to ARRL is whether to sell or not to sell such
      > items. The prices charged must be enough so that we make a limited
      > prophet on each sale. The choice the potential buyer has is whether to
      > buy or not to buy. Just be glad you aren't buying college textbooks!
      > What is the second reason ARRL publishes its books? These are
      > unsurpassed and often the least expensive sources of quality electronic
      > and communications information in the world. What better source is
      > there for hams or people studying to become hams to find information?
      > We've even had government officials from small countries obtain our
      > publications to use as the primary reference sources for their
      > telecommunications departments.
      > Not bad for a small, private publishing house.
      > Jun 6 -- Saginaw Valley ARS 50th Anniversary Dinner, Saginaw, MI
      > Jun 18 -- Monroe County Radio Commun. Assoc. Hamfest, Monroe, MI.
      > Jul 8 -- QCWA Luncheon, Cleveland, OH.
      > Jul 20 -- A&F Committee Meeting, Newington, CT.
      > Jul 21 -- 22 -- ARRL Board of Directors meeting, Newington, CT.
      > Aug 3 -- Salem Area ARC, Salem, OH.
      > Tnx for reading this issue. Let me hear from you at anytime.
      > 73, GL,
      > Jim Weaver, K8JE
      > Director, Great Lakes Division
      > Chairman, Legislative Action Committee
      > 5065 Bethany Rd.
      > Mason, OH 45040
      > K8JE@...; Tel., 513-459-0142; FAX, same
      > ARRL, the Reason Amateur Radio is!
      > Members, the Reason ARRL is!
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      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > Director: James Weaver, K8JE
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