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Hamvention 2013 - Upcoming Department of Homeland Security Emergency Communications Course

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  • Hank Greeb
    In case anyone is considering Hamvention 2013, she/he might wish to consider the following. Note that more details will be available as Hamvention 2013 gets
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2012
      In case anyone is considering Hamvention 2013, she/he might wish to
      consider the following. Note that more details will be available as
      Hamvention 2013 gets closer. Check the Hamvention website from time to time


      The following comes from the Hamvention Website. Go to
      http://hamvention.org/#DHSOEC for future updates

      Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Emergency Communications To
      Provide Training In Conjunction With Hamvention® 2013

      Details for registering for this special free course being held in
      conjunction with Hamvention® will be provided on this page at a later
      date. Stay tuned to the Hamvention® website for registration details as
      they become available. It should be noted that the instructors
      conducting the course will also be giving a forum at Hamvention® 2013
      regarding the use of trained amateur radio operators as backup
      communicators in an NIMS/ICS emergency operations environment.

      The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Emergency Communications
      (OEC) will be on hand at Hamvention® 2013 to conduct their nationally
      recognized NIMS/ICS compliant Auxiliary Emergency Communications course.
      The course will be held prior to Hamvention®, 14-16 May 2013 in the
      Dayton area as part of Hamvention® 2013.

      The OEC workshop is designed for auxiliary emergency communicators who
      volunteer to provide backup emergency radio communications support to
      public safety and emergency response professionals and their agencies.
      Typically includes amateur radio communicators from groups such as MARS,
      ARES, RACES, SATERN, etc. Volunteer emergency communications
      operators/groups have been providing back-up emergency communications to
      the public safety community for nearly a century. They are routinely
      used by event planners and emergency managers at all levels of
      government. On numerous occasions amateur radio services have been used
      reliably when other forms of communications have completely failed or
      have been severely disrupted. Today nearly all the States/territories
      have incorporated some level of participation by amateur radio auxiliary
      communication operators into their communications interoperability plans.

      The course focuses on auxiliary communications interoperability,
      emergency operation center etiquette, on-the-air etiquette, FCC rules
      and regulations, auxiliary communications training and planning,
      certification and accreditation and emergency communications deployment.
      It is intended to supplement and standardize an operator’s basic
      knowledge of emergency amateur radio communications in a public safety

      Prerequisites for attendance include:

      • Successful completion of IS-100.b, IS-200.b, IS-700.a, and IS-800.b
      prior to the workshop (copies of certificates will need to be scanned
      and emailed to the lead instructor no later than 14 days after
      registering. Details on this will be forthcoming.)
      • At least have a General class FCC license, active for the past three
      years or more (a copy of your license will be requested at the start of
      the class)
      • Documented past experience in auxiliary emergency communications in an
      EOC type environment
      • A desire to learn how to work with COMLs in a NIMS/ICS environment

      This will be an intensive three day course with including facilitated
      lectures and student exercises. This course provides scheduled time for
      interactive discussions and exercises. Normally this class is limited to
      30 students, but for Hamvention this is being expanded to 60 attendees.

      Course content:
      • Introduction
      • The Communications Unit and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
      • AEC Roles and Responsibilities
      • Interoperable Communications
      • Incident Communication
      • Incident Radio Communications Plan
      • Incident Communications Center
      • Team Management and Accountability
      • Resources
      • Intrastate and interstate radio networks
      • Final exercise exam
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