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Fall VHF/UHF 6m Sprint, 2000 UTC Saturday, August 11 - 0000 UTC Sunday, August 12, 2012

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  • Mark Thompson
      http://www.svhfs.org/sprints.html Introducing the 2012 Fall VHF/UHF Sprints: PRELIMINARY Revision 1. Change 50MHz times. The Southeastern VHF Society is
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2012
    Introducing the 2012 Fall VHF/UHF Sprints:
    PRELIMINARY Revision 1. Change 50MHz times.
    The Southeastern VHF Society is again sponsoring the Fall VHF/UHF
    Sprints. All amateurs are encouraged to participate, even if only in a small
    way. They are meant to get everyone on the air. The rules encourage
    rover, microwave operation and the casual operator new to VHF/UHF.
    This year we are again using 6 digit grid squares and distance scoring
    on the Microwaves.
    The contest is intended for single operator, single transmitter entries. However, if one wishes to
    introduce a newcomer to weak signal vhf/uhf operations, the sponsors of the contest reserve the
    right to allow such entries, if identified as such. In no case will there be more than 1 radio operator
    at one time. A second person can not serve as a “spotter” while the first operates. Operating
    categories are still Single Op and Rover.
    Sprints are held on different days for each band except for the Microwaves (902 and up) that are
    held together. The operating time for each Sprint is short (like a sprint :-) and meant to compress
    the activity into a shorter time span.
    At present we do not have any plaque sponsors. If you would like to sponsor a plaque for one of the
    Sprints please contact the Fall Sprints Chairman Bruce Randall NT4RT. NT4RT@....
    While the rules for the Fall Sprints are set for 2012, we are always open to suggestions on how to
    improve them for the future. If you have an idea on how to make the Fall Sprints better for next
    year (different dates, times, rule change, etc.) please drop the Fall Sprints Chairman a note and help
    Please notice that, except for rovers and the microwave sprint, the scoring is more like the
    ARRL June VHF contest now.
    This will allow computer programs to both generate the logs and
    check the logs. Rover scoring is intended to encourage activation of many grids!
    Note the changed date of the 50MHz sprint, August this year. Can we get some E skip? maybe?
    Down East Microwave (downeastmicrowave.com) is again supporting the Fall Sprints by
    sponsoring two participation award drawings. The drawings will be made at the SVHFS
    Conference from the stations that turn in logs showing contacts in the 222 MHz Sprint and/or the
    Microwave Sprint. One drawing for each. The two drawing winners will receive $100 gift
    certificates for DEMI products. You do not have to be present to win. The awards are being
    sponsored to encourage amateurs to get active on 222 MHz and the Microwave bands. Our thanks
    to Steve and Sandra for their continued support!!
    For details and up-to-date information about the Fall Sprints and the annual technical conference
    the Southeastern VHF Society sponsors, please visit our website at http://www.svhfs.org/
    73, have fun, and good luck!
    Bruce Randall NT4RT
    2012 Fall Sprint Chairman
    2012 Fall VHF/UHF Sprint Rules:
    1. Object:
    To work as many amateur stations in as many 2 X 1 degree grid squares
    as possible, using authorized amateur frequencies on the 50, 144, 222, 432 MHz.
    Microwaves (902 MHz and above) are scored on distance.
    2. Contest Period:
    2.1 The
    50 MHz Sprint starts 2000 UTC Saturday, August 11, 2012 and ends 0000
    UTC Sunday, August 12, 2012.
    LOG is due by September 12, 2012.
    2.2 The
    144 MHz Sprint will be from 7 PM to 11 PM local time on Monday
    September 17, 2012.
    LOG is due by October 17, 2012.
    2.3 The
    222 MHz Sprint will be from 7 PM to 11 PM local time on Tuesday
    September 25, 2012.
    LOG is due by October 25, 2012.
    2.4 The
    432 MHz Sprint will be from 7 PM to 11 PM local time on Wednesday
    October 3, 2012.
    LOG is due by November 3, 2012.
    2.5 The
    Microwave (902 MHz and above) Sprint will be from 7 AM to 1 PM local
    time on Saturday October 13, 2012. The Microwave Sprint is one Sprint and
    certificates will be awarded for highest total score. See section 4. below for scoring.
    LOG is due by November 13, 2012. Exchange is 6 Digit Grid Square !!
    3. Exchange:
    Call signs and Grid-square locator. Signal report optional.
    microwaves require the full 6 characters of the grid square. Such as EM94LV
    4. Scoring:
    QSO Points:
    4.1.1. Count 1 point for each complete 50- or 144-MHz QSO.
    4.1.2. Count 2 points for each 222- or 432-MHz QSO.
    4.1.3. for each 902- or above contact, the distance in Km is the score for the
    contact. “Tinylocator” from ON6MU, available on the internet, will be used to
    verify distances.
    Multiplier: (Except for microwave) The total number of grid squares worked.
    Each 2 X 1 degree grid square worked counts as one multiplier.
    4.3 Final Score (Except Microwave): Multiply QSO points by multipliers. Each
    sprint is scored separately. ARRL June 2012 VHF contest scoring software will
    produce the correct score.
    Rovers Score: Each grid activated is scored separately as if the station was a
    normal single operator in that grid. Please separate logs for each grid activated. The
    final score is the sum of the scores for the individual grids activated. More than one
    grid must be activated to be a rover! ARRL scoring software will NOT work.
    Microwave Final Score: The sum of the distance in kilometers for all contacts is
    the final score. A station worked on another band is a new contact. If a rover moves
    to a new grid he can be worked again for another contact. Rovers make a separate
    log for each grid that is operated from. The sum of the individual logs is the score.
    5. Reporting:
    Logs must be submitted no later than 30 days after the closing date of
    the each event. Only submitted logs are eligible for awards. Logs must be in ARRL
    format (log sheets and summary sheet as used for ARRL VHF contests) to be
    accepted, and must show current address to be eligible for awards. Electronic
    submissions in ARRL acceptable electronic format may be mailed on diskette or
    emailed with log file as an ATTACHMENT only (Not in the body of
    e-mail). Subject line of e-mail must contain “2012 Fall Sprint”. In e-mail addresses
    below (at) is really an @ sign. Email reporting is prefered!!
    5.1 50 MHz Sprint logs to:
    Ray Rector WA4NJP, 3493 Holly Springs Rd, Gillsville, GA 30534
    5.2 144 MHz Sprint logs to:
    Steve Kostro N2CEI, 17519, 78
    th Terrace, Live Oak, FL 32060
    5.3 222 MHz Sprint logs to:
    Bob Lear W4ZST, PO Box 1269, Dahlonega, GA 30533
    5.4 432 MHz Sprint logs to:
    Charles Osborne K4CSO, 2396 Buford Highway, Duluth, GA 30097
    5.5 Microwave Sprint logs to:
    Bruce Randall NT4RT, 928 Falls Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29730
    6. Certificates for top three Single Op finishers in each sprint and top three Rovers in
    each sprint if sufficient Rover competition is shown. Certificates to be awarded at the
    Southeastern VHF Society banquet.
    7. No use of telephone, packet or internet is allowed to schedule
    contacts during the contest.
    For Microwave only: Use of telephone, packet
    or internet methods to schedule contacts during the contest is acceptable. The
    telephone, packet or internet channel will not be used while the contact is in progress.
    No “OK I am hearing you now.” over the alternate channel. The alternate channel
    will not be available in any way to the operator during the contact. The complete
    exchange of call signs and grids must be accomplished on the relevant amateur radio
    band. All other bands must use only amateur radio communications for scheduling
    during the contest.
    The Fall Sprints are sponsored by the Southeastern VHF Society.
    Please visit www.svhfs.org for any updates.
    If you have no clue what your SIX-Character Grid Locator is then try:
    This uses Google Maps. I was actually able to see my shack and antenna in satellite
    photo mode. If you click on a spot, the Latitude, Longitude, and 6 digit Grid are
    displayed. This is a really neat tool. Thank you to Larry F6FVY.
    Also useful:
    calculate the distance between two 6 digit
    evaluates logs.

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