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1 week until π (pi) day

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  • Hank Greeb
    QST, QST, QST Attention all QRPers, and other hams. Yes, it s only one week until International π (pi) day. Several of us will be operating with the Lake
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2012
      QST, QST, QST Attention all QRPers, and other hams.

      Yes, it's only one week until International  π (pi) day.  Several of us will be operating with the Lake Effect Amateur Radio Club call KD8DKU during the day (0000z - 2359Z 3.14.2012  (Yes, I understand that 3.14159.... is closer to the actual number for  π (pi) but we had to fit in the year somehow.)

      Band / Ops Plan for KD8DKU operation

      Time / day                     Band/mode     Target Frequency
      0000 / 8pm edt Tuesday         20m PSK       14.070
      1500z / 11am edt Wednesday     40m SSB       7.285 and up
      1900z / 3pm edt Wednesday      17m SSB       18.155 and up
      2100z / 5pm edt
      Wednesday     20m PSK       14.070
      0314Z/11:14 p.m EDT. Tuesday   80 M CW       3531.4 KHz
      0714Z or 3:14 am EDT Wed.      80 M CW       3531.4 KHz
      1514Z  or 11:14 a.m EDT        40 M CW       7031.4 KHz
      1914Z or 3:14 p.m. EDT         20 M CW       14031.4 KHz

      If propagation permits, we will attempt other band/modes and times  - so look on QRP-SPOTS for KD8DKU's location.
      And, note that CW crew will be as near 31.4 KHz from the lower end of the band(s) as possible ± QRM. 

      We will operate for any combination of the following periods of time:

      1. For one hour after the specified time and/or
      2. Until the pileup subsides and/or
      3. Until we get tired and/or
      4. Until we suffer a catastrophic breakdown of a critical part of the transmitting/receiving station, and/or
      5. If we feel like stopping

      As you might guess from the preceding, this is a "fun" event, celebrating  π (pi), and also Albert Einsteins Birthday Anniversary (March 14, 1879). 

      If you'd like a Commemorative QSL of this event, please see the Lake Effect ARC site:


      Please pass the word on your local ham reflectors and nets.

      Looking forward to a massive πlups  (pileups) on 3.14.2012

      72/73 de n8xx Hg
      One of the π (pi) day crew operating as KD8DKU on March 14

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