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NAQCC Sprint Tonight

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  • Mark Strait
    A last-minute reminder of our NAQCC sprint coming up tonight. This email is also a quick reference guide to our sprints in general. You might want to save it
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2012
      A last-minute reminder of our NAQCC sprint coming up tonight.

      This email is also a quick reference guide to our sprints in general. You
      might want to save it or print it out. Here is the date and time for our
      current sprint. Other details can be found via the links below.

      Tuesday February 14 from 8:30 to 10:30 PM ET (Wednesday February 15 from
      0130Z to 0330Z)

      If you've been hesitant to join in our sprints because you hear other
      sprints running at breakneck speeds, have no fear. Our sprints are geared to
      the newcomer to CW and/or contesting. Virtually everyone including the many
      veteran contesters who regularly enter our sprints will slow down to YOUR
      speed to help you make your contacts

      In part due to that, we believe our NAQCC monthly sprints have become the
      most successful 2-hour sprints in ham radio today. You can help us to
      continue our growth, and help to promote CW and QRP. Just get in the sprint,
      make QSO's, and send in a report via our autologger. That's all there is to
      it. We regularly get 150-200 participants in each sprint, of whom 100-120
      will submit logs for cross-checking. Our record is 135 logs in August 2010.
      Our sprints make a powerful statement about the popularity of CW and QRP to
      the ham radio world.

      Rules specific to this month's sprint are available via:


      General Sprint Rules that apply to all our sprints are at:


      We hope you use the GenLog logging program for our sprints. It makes logging
      very simple for you and log cross-checking simple for us. You can get the
      program, the latest data file (naqcc.dat) for the program and instructions
      on how to use it via the General Sprint Rules. There is also a thorough
      tutorial on using GenLog that includes many screen captures. It's at
      http://naqcc.info/sprint_genlog_tutorial.html if you need it.

      After the sprint, use our Autologger to make submitting your report and log
      as easy as possible:


      We award a maximum of 14 certificates for each sprint. One to the winner in
      each of the 10 USA call areas, one to the Canadian winner, and one to the DX
      winner. The 13th one goes to the first-time entrant with the highest score.
      If there are any entrants in our GAIN category, the winner there gets the
      14th certificate. When our NAQCC Chapters get organized, we hope to have
      competition among them for a 15th certificate for the top aggregate chapter

      We also often award a prize of some sort donated by the club or one of our
      members to the winner of a random drawing among all who participate and send
      in a report.

      Curious about how you did in each of our past sprints, want to check up on
      how your 'rivals' did, or want to see the results of a specific sprint? You
      can now do all of that at http://naqcc.info/contests.html.

      Tips for successful sprinting can be found at:


      * John K3WWP - 100% CW / QRP - Proudly promoting Morse Code:
      * As NAQCC VP - # 0002 FC # 1 - http://naqcc.info/
      * As FISTS Keynote QRP Columnist - # 2002 - http://www.fists.org/
      * With my CW-QRP site - http://home.windstream.net/johnshan/


      Mark Strait de KD8BIG
      NAQCC Member #5102

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