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BIg Aurora Opening tonight

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  • Al Pepping
    Big CME smacked the earth Tuesday in case you haven t heard. If you are interested in what s going on ....go to www.spaceweather.com for some
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24 10:20 AM
    Big CME smacked the earth Tuesday in case you haven't heard.     If you are interested in what's going on ....go to www.spaceweather.com    for some informative learning.    
     Here's a map of the auroral projection for tonight.  Note that it covers over 1/2 of northern USA and above.   Aurora should be visible if no clouds roll in and wx people say there is a good chance for a visual .    Head out away from light pollution as far as possible.   Take your 2 meter all mode rig and your camera too  and any old 2 meter yagi and just aim it north.   If you have never heard aurora before, is sounds like some one gurgling in a barrell  on SSB or on CW, the notes are a hissing sound, not a musical note.  FM rarely is understandable.   This is close to being a X class flare, there will be hundreds of stations on tonight.  Power is not important, 10 watts into a 3 element yagi may get you a contact with the east or west coast or maybe Alaska....on 2 meters ???   It's possible...  Enjoy, we don't get these big ones all that often......    KV8X
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