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Re: [WestMichiganHams] [MRRC] NAQP CW N8XX Single Op QRP

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  • Matt
    I worked a few on 80m QRP with my Argonaut 505 and a long wire last night. My first CW contacts, lots of fun. 73 de KD8GZG Sent from my iPod ... I worked a
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 15, 2012
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      I worked a few on 80m QRP with my Argonaut 505 and a long wire last night.  My first CW contacts, lots of fun.  73

      de KD8GZG

      Sent from my iPod

      On Jan 15, 2012, at 2:13 PM, Hank Greeb <n8xx@...> wrote:


      Any other local operate this event? I didn't find a single Michigan
      Station "running" a frequency on either 80 or 40. I heard IAN, K8MM
      doing S&P, but I never could attract his attention. And, I did hear a
      fellow on 21 MHz working my friend WA8REI from Freeland, Michigan, but
      never ran across him on 80 or 40. Oh, well, I had fun. QRP is fun in
      this contest because of the 100 watt maximum limit.

      North American QSO Party, CW - January

      Call: N8XX
      Operator(s): N8XX
      Station: N8XX

      Class: Single Op QRP
      QTH: MI
      Operating Time (hrs): 8 (A SWAG, someone tell me the place where N1MM
      keeps track of "ON" times? I know it's there, but can't find it.)


      Band QSOs Mults
      160: 0 0
      80: 75 32
      40: 71 37
      20: 46 21
      15: 47 19
      10: 11 5
      Total: 250 114 Total Score = 28,500

      Club: Mad River Radio Club

      Team: MRRC

      Comments: Sn*w and ice on the feeders (as high as 1" or more on flat
      parts of the window line) and antenna wire (Guesstimate at more than ½"
      in diameter on a 14 gauge wire) MIGHT have caused some lack of
      performance, particularly on 14 thru 28 MHz. The LDG auto tuner could
      find acceptable matching on all bands. Didn't think to deploy the end
      loading part of the antenna for 160, so couldn't make it there.

      Used "DUCK" in honor of K8DD (SK) and I'm sure there are some "busted
      contacts" because folks would say "DICK ?" and I'd try to correct them,
      but they'd proceed on.

      NAQP is fun for QRP operation because the "BIG GUNS" are only allowed
      100 watts, which makes it much easier to bust through a pileup. S&P
      mainly, but was semi-successful "running" late in the contest on 80 metres.

      80 and 40 were a bit noisy, perhaps from sn*w static - and was somewhat
      surprised in being able to work some stations who weren't S9 +++ on
      these bands.

      Thanx to the organizers of this fine contest!
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