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  • Tom VanderMel
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      > (Reply to k8je@..., only. Do not click on REPLY.)
      > In this issue --
      > - Have a Question?
      > - We won one! Legislative Action did it!
      > - Why does ARRL have its hand out so often?
      > - WAS through Logbook.
      > - Dayton Hamvention®
      > - Section Election Contested
      > - Overheard on the Bands
      > - My Travel Plans
      > I'm probably asking for more work than I can easily handle, but I'll do
      > most anything I for an ARRL member. If you have a question about ARRL
      > that you'd like answered, send me an E-mail that contains it. I ask
      > only that you pose serious questions and that you do your best to state
      > your question in a manner that makes the intent of your question easily
      > understood. If there is something you want to know the background for
      > a League action, if you want to know the reason the Board considered a
      > particular action, ask. If you want to know why I do what I do, ask.
      > I plan to include at least one question per issue of Weaver's Words for
      > as long as the questions last. Neither the Board, our HQ staff nor I
      > have anything to hide. I'll do my best to give direct answers to your
      > questions.
      > You may not have put the two subjects together to realize we won a
      > great victory in the US House of Representatives, but we did. Your
      > letters urging your Congressmen/women to support H. Res. 230 paid off.
      > No, H. Res. 230 has not been passed by the House. Instead, the basic
      > provisions of this resolution were introduced as the Ross Amendment
      > into the new communications act bill. This is even better than having
      > the resolution passed. A resolution by the House or the Senate merely
      > asks that something be considered. A Bill, on the other hand, is law
      > and requires whatever action is indicated.
      > In addition to the tone set by your letters to your respective House
      > members, letters to specific Congressmen got them to accept the Ross
      > amendment.
      > The final battle has not been fought, though. Some time after the new
      > bill has been assigned a number, you will be asked to write your
      > Congressman, again -- this time to support the bill. As a matter of
      > fact, I've just learned the bill has been assigned H.R.5252, but now is
      > not yet the time to write. There are a number of things that go on
      > within the House that need to shake out before the time is right. To
      > be most effective, we need to wait until our experts on Capitol Hill
      > give us the word to write. When this word comes, the more writers, the
      > better.
      > Grassroots legislative action does pay off. The Ross amendment would
      > not be part of the new communications act if it was not for our
      > legislative activity! We have power and not all of it is directed
      > through our antennas!
      > If you wrote on H. Res. 230, pat yourself on your back and know that I
      > would personally be giving the pats if I could reach you. If you
      > didn't write, please do so the next time the call comes out. There
      > will be a next time and your letter can help.
      > Thanks.
      > Members occasionally ask why ARRL sends so many solicitations for
      > donations. The sentence that follows the question most often is a
      > statement that we should live within the income from our dues.
      > First of all, I'm happy questions are asked. I fully believe having
      > dialogue between the Great Lakes Division members and me is good and
      > very desirable. The following is my attempt to answer this one.
      > To the question.
      > The dues for ARRL membership are established essentially to provide the
      > basic services of the organization. Just as is true of many similar
      > organizations, our dues structure is not intended to cover all expenses
      > for services your organization performs to support you and Amateur
      > Radio. To speak bluntly, if my fellow Board of Directors members and I
      > were to set a dues level that would cover the expenses for everything
      > the League does, we would probably need to charge about $100 per year.
      > Even though this figure could be justified very easily, I suspect that
      > many current members would run away as fast as possible when the
      > postman brought the next dues statement. You can imagine that our
      > membership numbers would fall faster and further than a lead fishing
      > sinker in a fish bowl.
      > On balance, we believe it is better to keep the dues low -- and
      > $39/year is low considering the benefits members receive -- and to ask
      > for donations from members who are interested and can afford to support
      > special programs, than to make the dues cover all necessary activities
      > performed by ARRL.
      > Running a donation program has an added benefit. It offers choices to
      > members. The choices? First, you have the choice to participate or
      > not to participate in the gifting. Second, there is the choice of
      > which program(s) to support -- to fight poorly-constructed BPL, to
      > support all frequency defense efforts, to support W1AW, to support the
      > education programs ARRL manages, to support . . . you get the idea.
      > You can choose to support -- or not to support -- whatever you wish and
      > still maintain your basic membership at a low cost.
      > One more fact many members may not realize is that they even have full
      > control over whether or not they receive requests to donate. If
      > receiving these requests disturbs you, all you need do is to send an
      > E-mail to our very nice Development Officer, Mary Hobart, K1MMH
      > (k1mmh@...) and ask her to take you off the Development mailing
      > list of potential donors. I know Mary quite well from working with her
      > at HQ and can assure you she'll remove you from the list without
      > argument. She is far from being "Mary, Mary, quite
      > contrary!" but don't tell her I think she is such a nice trooper.
      > So, what is the value of the ARRL donor program to each of us members?
      > 1. It keeps dues for ARRL to a minimum. 2. It allows people who choose
      > to do so to supplement their dues payments with donations that enable
      > your League to support the membership and Amateur Radio in ways that
      > would otherwise be impossible. 3. It does this in a manner that allows
      > you and me to choose voluntarily if we will provide the added support
      > and, if we do, to choose the projects and programs we support. 4. It
      > allows your ARRL to pursue programs that strengthen Amateur Radio and
      > ARRL. 5. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.
      > Fair enough?
      > In case you missed the news, ARRL's Logbook of The World (LoTW) has
      > been configured to support the Worked All States award in addition to
      > the total DX Century Club (DXCC) program. During the past month,
      > nearly twice as many WAS applications were processed through LoTW (9)
      > as through the submission of hard-copy QSLs (5). As of a couple of
      > weeks ago, nearly 100,000,000 QSOs were entered into LoTW. This figure
      > is growing rapidly.
      > What value does LoTW offer to users? Here are a couple of answers: 1.
      > LoTW QSLing is usually much, much more rapid than when hard-copy QSLs
      > are exchanged regardless of whether this is done by direct mail or by
      > the Bureau. 2. The cost of QSLing is much in the order of pennies as
      > compared with the cost of direct-mail QSLing which is in dollars and
      > even through the Bureau which is about a dollar. 3. LoTW is the only
      > digital form of QSLing that is sufficiently secure and reliable to be
      > usable to obtain DXCC and WAS.awards.
      > For info on LoTW, go to http://www.arrl.org/lotw/. LoTW was developed
      > by ARRL at ARRL expense and is available only to ARRL members.
      > I'll be there. Will you?
      > If you make it to the Greatest Ham Radio Show On Earth this year, look
      > me up. I'll be in the ARRL Expo area in the Ball Arena most of the
      > time -- at the Grassroots Legislative Action booth. Friday morning
      > will find me at the Grassroots Legislative Action forum at 9 AM in
      > Forum Room 1, and after this is over at the ARRL Forum at 10 AM also in
      > room 1.
      > These two fora, forums if you prefer, present great opportunities to
      > hear in person from League leadership just what is going on and why it
      > is going on. Considering the amount of misinformation being spread
      > around the Internet about some ARRL actions, it might be still more
      > important to realize this is a place where you can look the League
      > President or other officials squarely in the eyes and learn what is NOT
      > going on!
      > For the first time in many years, there will be a contest in the Ohio
      > Section election for Section Manager. I wish each of the contestants
      > well. There is still time for additional candidates to file for the
      > office; therefore, I will not give the names of the two, current
      > candidates and give them a possible unfair advantage over anyone who
      > decides to enter the race later.
      > I encourage each member in Ohio to understand the tasks assigned to the
      > elected Section Manager and determine how well the respective
      > candidates can be expected to fulfill these tasks. The SM
      > responsibilities are outlined at
      > http://www.arrl.org/FandES/field/org/sm.html. The SM clearly has the
      > power to mold the character of the ARRL Section he/she represents. It
      > is up to the members of any Section that host contested elections to
      > determine just what the character of their Section will become after
      > the election is over. The Ohio Section is the one having an election
      > this year. Kentucky and Michigan will have their turn in future
      > years.
      > I overheard a few of you calling S01R, the YXs and the VU4s. I hope
      > you all got into their logs. I was fortunate and made it.
      > My pending travel schedule through Jjuly is as follows. Stop by and
      > say hello.
      > May 19-21 -- Hamvention®, Dayton, OH and associated activities.
      > Jun 16 -- Salem Area ARC, Salem, OH.
      > Jun 18 -- Monroe County Radio Commun. Assoc. Hamfest, Monroe, MI.
      > Jul 8 -- Cleveland QCWA.
      > Jul 21--22 -- ARRL Board of Directors meeting.
      > Tnx for taking the time to read this issue. Write me with any
      > questions or suggestions or merely to write.
      > 73, CU on the bands.
      > Jim Weaver, K8JE
      > Director, Great Lakes Division
      > Chairman, Legislative Action Committee
      > 5065 Bethany Rd.
      > Mason, OH 45040
      > K8JE@...; Tel., 513-459-0142; FAX, same
      > ARRL, the Reason Amateur Radio is!
      > Members, the Reason ARRL is!
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      > Director: James Weaver, K8JE
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