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6m Fall Sprint, Saturday, 2300 UTC - Sunday, October 30, 0300 UTC

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  • Mark Thompson
    July 27, 2011 The Southeastern VHF Society is again sponsoring the Fall VHF/UHF Sprints. All amateurs are encouraged to participate, even if only in a small
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 27, 2011
      July 27, 2011
      Bruce Randall, WD4JQV, the 2011 Fall Sprint Chairman, announced the schedule and the rules for this year's Sprints.
      Changes this year include 6-digit grid squares and distance scoring on microwaves. This year's schedule is as follows:
      144 MHz7 pm to 11 pm localMon, Sep 19
      222 MHz7 pm to 11 pm localTue, Sep 27
      432 MHz7 pm to 11 pm localWed, Oct 5
      Microwaves7 am to 1 pm localSat, Oct 22
      50 MHz2300 to 0300 UTCSat, Oct 29 - Sun, Oct 30
      Introducing the 2011 Fall VHF/UHF Sprints:
      The Southeastern VHF Society is again sponsoring the Fall VHF/UHF
      Sprints. All amateurs are encouraged to participate, even if only in a small
      way. They are meant to get everyone on the air. The rules encourage
      rover, microwave operation and the casual operator new to VHF/UHF.
      This year we are using 6 digit grid squares and distance scoring on the
      The contest is intended for single operator, single transmitter entries.
      However, if one wishes to introduce a newcomer to weak signal vhf/uhf
      operations, the sponsors of the contest reserve the right to allow such entries, if identified as such.
      In no case will there be more than 1 radio operator at one time. A second person can not serve as a
      “spotter” while the first operates. Operating categories are still Single Op and Rover.
      Sprints are held on different days for each band except for the Microwaves (902 and up) that are
      held together. The operating time for each Sprint is short (like a sprint :-) and meant to compress
      the activity into a shorter time span.
      At present we do not have any plaque sponsors. If you would like to sponsor a plaque for one of the
      Sprints please contact the Fall Sprints Chairman Bruce Randall WD4JQV. WD4JQV@....
      While the rules for the Fall Sprints are set for 2011, we are always open to suggestions on how to
      improve them for the future. If you have an idea on how to make the Fall Sprints better for next
      year (different dates, times, rule change, etc.) please drop the Fall Sprints Chairman a note and help
      Please notice that, except for rovers and the microwave sprint, the scoring is more like the
      ARRL June VHF contest now.
      This will allow computer programs to both generate the logs andcheck the logs.
      Rover scoring is intended to encourage activation of many grids!
      Down East Microwave (downeastmicrowave.com) is again supporting the Fall Sprints by
      sponsoring two participation award drawings. The drawings will be made at the SVHFS
      Conference from the stations that turn in logs showing contacts in the 222 MHz Sprint and/or the
      Microwave Sprint. One drawing for each. The two drawing winners will receive $100 gift
      certificates for DEMI products. You do not have to be present to win. The awards are being
      sponsored to encourage amateurs to get active on 222 MHz and the Microwave bands. Our thanks
      to Steve and Sandra for their continued support!!
      For details and up-to-date information about the Fall Sprints and the annual technical conference
      the Southeastern VHF Society sponsors, please visit our website at www.svhfs.org
      73, have fun, and good luck!
      Bruce Randall WD4JQV
      2011 Fall Sprint Chairman
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