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  • Hank Greeb
    ARRL Affiliated Clubs Sweepstakes Bulletin – 2011 Larry Hammel, K5OT – Sweepstakes Contest Manager Clubs are always looking for operating events and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2011
      ARRL Affiliated Clubs

      Sweepstakes Bulletin – 2011

      Larry Hammel, K5OT – Sweepstakes Contest Manager

      Clubs are always looking for operating events and opportunities that
      excite and motivate their members to be active, especially on HF. This
      year’s ARRL November Sweepstakes <http://www.arrl.org/sweepstakes>
      certainly fits the bill and – for the first time in years – the bands
      will have plenty to offer Technician license-holders, too! Sweepstakes –
      or “Sweeps” among friends – is a contest in which modest stations can do
      very, very well. There’s no need for giant towers and antennas or
      legal-limit amplifiers – a backyard dipole or vertical and a “barefoot”
      HF rig will do just fine. In fact, SS is one contest in which antennas
      can be too high!

      Because Sweepstakes brings out so many US and Canadian operators, it is
      very popular for friendly “contests within a contest” between clubs and
      between club members. A club contest to work the most sections, make
      Worked All States, or ring up the highest score is a nice way to wrap up
      the season with awards being presented at the year-end meeting. Many
      clubs have a friendly competition with other nearby clubs for local
      bragging rights. Even small clubs can get into the action on a national
      scale in the Local category of the ARRL Affiliated Club Completion

      College clubs <http://collegearc.org/> can participate in two ways. The
      first is to submit a score in the School Club category of the main
      competition. With its 30-hour time limit, the shared-operating nature of
      the category fits right in with the busy fall semester. Give the Phone
      weekend (Nov 19-20) a try before heading home for Thanksgiving break!
      The second is to participate in the Collegiate Championship
      <http://www.collegiatechampionship.org/>, sponsored by Ken Harker, WM5R.
      Ken has compiled a long list of yearly winners
      <http://www.collegiatechampionship.org/conferences/> for each of the
      NCAA Division I Conferences – has your school’s club participated? The
      website is currently being updated with the 2010 scores and we need some
      help sorting out the current conference assignment for the
      record-holders - any volunteers? Finally, for a relaxed “practice”
      opportunity, try the ARRL’s School Club Roundup
      <http://www.arrl.org/school-club-roundup> from Oct 17-21.

      Did we mention the opportunities for Technician licensees? Techs have a
      large chunk of 10 meters available to them on both Phone (28.3-28.5 MHz)
      and CW (28.0-28.2) but in recent years, there hasn’t been much activity
      due to quiet solar conditions. Lately, the solar flux has been kicking
      up to 120 and higher, meaning that 10 meters opens up coast-to-coast and
      beyond! If your club’s Techs have been wondering what all the fuss is
      about 10 meters, be sure to encourage their activity during Sweeps.
      Perhaps one of those intra-club challenges we were talking about?

      If you’d like to know more about Sweepstakes, download the Sweepstakes
      Operating Guide <http://www.arrl.org/sweepstakes> – there are simple
      explanations of the rules and a list of resource articles and websites
      to help you get the most from your Sweepstakes weekend. Maybe you’ll
      even bring home the coveted “Clean Sweep” coffee mug!

      CQ Sweeps!

      73, Larry Hammel K5OT
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