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Re: [WestMichiganHams] Re: Simulated Emergency Test October 1.

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  • wd8usa@aol.com
    OK- Thanks Doc, I wondered where we stood on this anyway- It is a shame the State didn t take an active role in promoting the SET- From what I heard, many
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 6, 2011
      OK- Thanks Doc, I wondered where we stood on this anyway-
      It is a shame the State didn't take an active role in promoting the SET- From what I heard, many didn't know the State was promoting an SET event this year- It wasn't on any frequently visited web page such as Yahoo or the Section Web page where it should have been!
       In the future since the SEC doesn't give a shit, let's coordinate directly the next time- We don't have to wait for next year to do an exercise-  And of course the 6th Dist EC did nothing again to organize a response- He should be FIRED which I put in my AAR-
      Let me know when you will be down to the Chapter- I will try to meet you there and go over the stuff we have-
      Glad you made it back safe and sound- See you soon- JB

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      Subject: [WestMichiganHams] Re: Simulated Emergency Test October 1.

      Hi Joe.
      I wanted to get the entire American Red Cross of West Michigan, Disaster Services Technology Team - Communications involved yet the SEC never returned my phone calls or email.

      I will be down to the GR chapter sometime this fall as the American Red Cross of West Michigan moves forward with bringing all chapters up to speed on being inline with current Disaster Services Technology guidelines and procedures for disaster computers, network and communications (to include amateur radio). I just returned a couple of week ago after being deployed again for Hurricane Irene. We had a great group of HAMS from the local area and more equipment than we needed which was a first. Between what the ARRL and the ARC sent, we were well stocked.

      I will fill you in on more specific details or the DST stuff and Hurricane Irene comms at an eyeball QSO.

      Best regards,
      Rich "Doc" AC8AL
      American Red Cross of West Michigan - Muskegon Office
      Disaster Services Technology Manager

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      > Thanks Hank for the comercial for SET- To my knowledge, Red Cross RCCT is the only group from Kent CO playing that weekend-
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      > Subject: [WestMichiganHams] Simulated Emergency Test October 1.
      > I was reminded in another mail list that the Annual Simulated Emergency
      > Test is being held this weekend.
      > That reminded me that the Kent County effort includes the GRARA/Red
      > Cross Communications Team, which is planning a packet/VHF Phone/HF Phone
      > exercise in conjunction with SET.
      > There will be a Packet and Message training session on Thursday,
      > September 29 (tonight) at the Red Cross HQ, 1050 Fuller Avenue NE, Grand
      > Rapids, MI, beginning at 6:30 p.m. The main event will start at the
      > same location on Saturday, October 1, 8:00 a.m., and expected to be
      > complete by noon.
      > I haven't heard of activity planned for Kent County RACES, but if you're
      > involved with that group, keep your ears and eyes to the ground so you
      > can partake of any offerings of that group.
      > If you're outside of Kent County, you may wish to bug your local
      > Emergency Coordinator for information. I've searched the internet, and
      > can't find the Michigan ARPSC web site - it seems to be non existent -
      > so you're on your own for that info.
      > Keeping one's operating skills sharp is always a worthwhile effort. If
      > you've been in even one disaster area in your ham radio career (and I've
      > been in at least half dozen, if not more relief efforts for floods,
      > tornadoes, snow emergencies in SW Ohio), emergency preparedness comes
      > out high on one's priority list.
      > GL es hope 2 cu during SET.
      > 73 de n8xx Hg

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