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Long-Range 2m SSB Nets ON Tonight + Updates to kc9bqa.com

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  • kc9bqa
    I ve posted fresh V/UHF content to kc9bqa.com. There s a detailed recap of my UHF contest from last weekend. I put in a full effort, enjoyed about 40% of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2011
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      I've posted fresh V/UHF content to kc9bqa.com.

      There's a detailed recap of my UHF contest from last weekend.
      I put in a full effort, enjoyed about 40% of my Q's with a nice
      variety of rovers, and ended up with 40,050 claimed score in the
      SOLP category.
      The next V/UHF contest is a big one, the ARRL September
      VHF QSO Party. It's the weekend of September 10-11th, and
      all bands from 6m, 2m on up thru the microwaves are in play.
      Start making plans now to take advantage of the big spike in
      activity the contests bring to V/UHF bands.

      There's also an announcement about the variety of 2m activity
      that is available every Wed. evening. With 6 different nets to
      choose from, Wed. has to be the busiest night in the USA and
      VE-land. Don't care for nets? No problem. Get on 2m anyway
      and make noise. We encourage our check-ins and all hams to do
      this. Please help spread the word and improve the health of our

      For more detail about 2m nets tonight from EL99, EM89,
      EN91, EN54, EN33 and EM13 visit kc9bqa.com.

      There are also tips there to help you get more enjoyment out of
      your time at the rigs. The ON4KST.com real-time V/UHF chat
      room (for IARU Region 2) has done very well this spring and
      summer. Over 2300 registered users now, plus it's free, no BS
      and it's available anytime, day or night. If you have internet near
      your rigs, click this link http://kc9bqa.com/?p=1072 and you'll
      see the 7 simple steps for registering. If you click this link
      http://kc9bqa.com/?p=4411 you get additional thoughts on how
      I think this chat is best used to help our bands.

      Todd KC9BQA EN63ao 40 N of Milwaukee
      www.kc9bqa.com For Frequent VHF/UHF Updates
      www.wivuch.com WI VHF/UHF County Hunters Award
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