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  • Mark
    Canadian and U.S. use of this spectrum would be harmonized and would result in a common North American radio equipment market. How is that supposed to
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 29, 2011
      "Canadian and U.S. use of this spectrum would be harmonized and would result in a common North American radio equipment market."
      How is that supposed to happen?  I don't see the FCC and IC getting together on this and I don't see where the FCC would make any changes to our allocations based upon what IC has done.
      Perhaps IC is going to 'harmonize' their plan to fit ours.  Or, the statement is total phoey.
      If IC had cooperated with the FCC over some long running and substantial complaints (like death threats) the FCC just may feel the need to cooperate right back.  But, that hasn't happened and if I were the FCC I would tell IC to go stick it.

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      The part that caught my eye is that;
      re-allocating the frequency 220–222 MHz band to mobile and fixed use would open important spectrum to meet the needs of radio applications such as public safety, railways, utility telemetry and other operations. Canadian and U.S. use of this spectrum would be harmonized and would result in a common North American radio equipment market.
      There is additional info in section 3.2 to adding 4 MHz to the bottom end of the 220 freq.

      Mark Strait  KD8BIG
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      The new rules are being proposed for Canada by Industry Canada.  We don't have to follow them here in the US and can't even comment on the change unless we also hold a Canadian license.
      Industry Canada has little use for amateur radio and refuses to enforce rules that are being violated there.  There is a ham in Vancouver that has made death threats over the air to American officials, been recorded several times and Industry Canada won't even acknowledge the problem, let alone fix it.
      I really don't have much use for Industry Canada.
      There is a thread on QRZ about the subject.  There should be some comments from our Canadian friends about the ruling.
      Mark K8MHZ
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      How does the new narrow band FM rules effect the Amateurs? On 2 mtrs I don't think it does but on 70 cm?

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      Proposals and Changes

      to the Spectrum in

      Certain Bands Below 1.7 GHz

      The purpose of this paper, announced in DGTP -004-05, is to make provisional and proposed changes to allocations in the Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations, and to the spectrum utilization of certain frequency bands below 1.7 GHz for several radio applications.
      Spectrum accommodations are proposed or made for radio applications such as multi-use radios ( MURS ), trunked mobile, fixed wireless access applications and medical and utility telemetry applications.
      Gazette Notice DGTP -004-05 invites interested parties to submit their comments to the Director General, Telecommunications Policy Branch, by January 25, 2006 for provisional decisions and by April 19, 2006 for all policy proposals

      Thirty days after the release of this document these frequency allocation changes will be implemented for the bands 216–220 MHz and 220–222 MHz , unless the Department receives compelling arguments to the contrary.
      To read the FULL REPORT; CLICK HERE

      Mark Strait  KD8BIG
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