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Tulip Time Parades

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  • Jim Miller
    Greetings! We are getting down to the last couple of weeks and are looking for a few more volunteers to help with the Tulip Time Parades. Below this email is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2011
      We are getting down to the last couple of weeks and are looking for a few more volunteers to help with the Tulip Time Parades. 
      Below this email is a more detailed description of the events, but for those that like to skip to the important part, here it is: 
      Here is what we need:
      Wednesday May 11, 2011 
      -We need 3 more volunteers for this event Thursday May 12, 2011 
      -We need 5 more volunteers for this event Saturday May 14, 2011 
      -We need 13 more volunteers for this event If you can only make one parade, we would really appreciate the help on Saturday.  This is the biggest and longest event of the week and without your help we will leave some rather lengthy stretches without support to the spectators and/or participants.
      Did I mention that you get a FREE LUNCH on Saturday??  Boars Head is donating lunch similar to the ones we have had in the past!
      If you would like to help, please send me an email indicating which date you would like to work, your call sign, and preferred location if you have one.  I will do my best to get you as close to that spot as possible.
      More detailed information:
      As in the past the Amateur Radio Operators and the American Red Cross will be providing support along the parade routes during the three Tulip Time parades.
      The first parade (Volksparade) is scheduled for Wednesday, May 11, which we will need twelve Amateur Radio Operators to work as a Team with two American Red Cross First Aid Responders in covering a one block section of the parade route.  Along with two Net Control Operators, we will need a total of fourteen Amateur Radio Operators, during the time frame of approximately 1:00pm until 3:30pm.
      The second parade (Kinderparade) is scheduled for Thursday, May 12, which we will need the same number of Amateur Radio Operators as the Wednesday parade, during the same approximate time frame.  The rain date for this parade will be Friday, May 13.
      The third, the largest, and the longest parade (Muziekparade) is schedule for Saturday, May 14, which we will need twenty-four Amateur Radio Operators to cover a one-block section of the expanded parade route, along with two-three Net Control Operators.  Also during this parade we need packet radio stations setup and operating at the American Red Cross Tulip Time Headquarters, Holland High School, and at Net Control.
      Also for the Saturday parade, Amateur Radio Operators are needed to assist with parade lineup.  This group will be working within their own net, and on a different frequency than the parade route Teams.  We need approximately ten operators, six assigned to specific Division Parade Marshals, one to work with the floats, one to assist the TV Crew with their coverage, one to work with the cars, one to work directly with the Grand Marshal, and two Net Control Operators.  Adding up the various activities on Saturday, we need approximately forty Amateur Radio Operators just to cover what we currently know needs to be covered.
      As one can see, this is large operation in which one Club or Group cannot handle on their own.  Please we need your help in getting the word out to all area Amateur Radio Operators of this need.  Many have done this festival for years and have their favorite spots to serve.  If you are willing to serve, and have a favorite spot, please let me know I will to my best to assign you to that specific position.  For those that are new to the hobby or those that have sat on the sidelines in the past years, please consider giving it a try.  It is fun, and is a great way to brush up on your net operating procedures while providing a highly visible community service. 
      Thanks in advance!
      Jim Miller 
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