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January Section News

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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
     From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE Region 6 Emergency Coordinator/ RACES Officer   231 206-0422 Cell and Text  E mail kb8vee@comcast.net   The ARRL Michigan
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       From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE Region 6 Emergency Coordinator/ RACES Officer
        231 206-0422 Cell and Text  E mail kb8vee@...  

      The ARRL Michigan Section maintains our own web page at

      Greetings Michigan Amateurs:

      NEW CLUB OFFICERS Announced. The GM ARC held its annual elections on
      Dec 21. Officers for 2011 are President: Kurt WU8V; Vice-President: Ben
      WB9FJO; Secretary: Bobby N8CY; Treasurer: Ed KC8SBV; and
      Directors-At-Large: Bob KA8VSI and Rich KC8HMJ.  LANSE CREUSE: elected
      club officers for the 2011 year. The results of the election are as
      follows: President: Henry N8AT; President Elect (2012)/Vice-President
      (2011): Doug N8PYN; Secretary: Jim K8LFE  Treasurer: Cathy KC8WNK;
      ARRL Liaison: Vince WA8BIJ;  Technical Officer: Marty K8HVI.  DELTA
      COUNTY ARS: Lowell Seeley KA8RPB, President; Jeremy Reese N8YP, Vice
      President; Walt Aho K8WLT, Treasurer; Jim Love W8JNL,
      Secretary/Newsletter Editor; John Anderson WD8RTH, Hamfest Chairman.
      SOUTHERN MICHIGAN ARS elected their new board for 2011. The results:
      Gary Williams N8QC President; Dave "Doc" Ashbolt K8OLY Vice-President;
      Don Larkin W8RVT Treasurer; and John Davidson W8JRD Secretary.  Holland
      ARC: Megan WO0MEG President; Phil K8PVH - Vice President; Jim KC8KE
      Treasurer; Jim N8QMD Scribe; Dave WA8RSA Club Station; Steve N8UJD –
      Emergency; Ed KF8EV Education; Hank KA8COB Building/Facility; Laryn
      K8TVZ Repeater; Rick N8GGO VE Testing.  Holland also announces a new
      meeting site: Ottawa County Red Cross, 270 James Street, Holland, MI,
      Second Monday of each month at 7:00pm, Main Conference Room

      BLOSOMLAND ARA 2010 Ham Of The Year Award
      BARA President Ron Ackerman, N8KBG presented the Blossomland Ham Of The
      Year Award at their annual banquet to Gary Wallis, KB8VIM.  Our
      congratulations to Gary in being honored.

      ARPSC HONOR ROLL.  In January of last year, I introduced a new award
      program for the Michigan ARRL Section.  That is the Honor Roll for
      Emergency Coordinators/Radio Officers and their counties who had
      achieved a full calendar year of 100% monthly reporting.  I received a
      surprisingly high level of very positive feed back on this program.
      Most assuredly this effort continues and I am pleased to announce those
      individuals who have achieved 100% reporting during calendar 2010.
      These EC/ROs are congratulated on their well managed EMCOMM programs in
      their respective counties.   We now acknowledge that effort and thank
      the EC/ROs and members from the following counties for fulfilling their
      annual goals and welcome them to the Michigan ARPSC Honor Roll:

      Alcona        Stan Darmofal W8SZ
      Baraga        Randy Bell K8HRO
      Benzie        Tom Schoonover K8BTE
      Berrien       Tom Dumminger KC8MGD
      Branch        Larry Camp WB8R
      Calhoun       Wendell Nierman KC8QNQ
      Clinton       Dave Oulette WB8MWG
      Gladwin       Bruce Wagner N8LYL
      Gratiot       Bill Rogers KC8OUF
      Houghton      John Swift N8WAV
      Ingham        Tom Shaver KC8NJK
      Ionia         Roger Packard KD8KLI
      Jackson       Tim Bair WD8PMD
      Keweenaw      Gary Hansen K8YSZ
      Lapeer        Tom Oliver KD8EBY
      Lenawee       Joe Pullen K8YZA
      Livingston    Bruce Pollock N8WWX
      Luce          David Dake KC8QZG
      Marquette     Richard Schwenke N8GBA
      Mason         Gary Berk KC8MWF
      Mecosta       Steve Cowan KD8DHZ
      Menominee     Paul Sorenson NS8V
      Midland       John Wolters W8QN
      Monroe        Jerry Stone WB7RUM
      Muskegon      Jim Duram K8COP
      Oceana        Dave Robertson N8UKH
      Ontonagon     Al Traner KC8OCK
      Presque Isle  Mike Horn WB8TQZ
      Saginaw       Ron Huss KC8YVF
      Tuscola       Roger Edwards WB8WJV

      Feb 12       Cherryland, at Traverse City
      Feb 20       Livonia
      March 19     Crossroads, at Marshall
      April 2      ARGYL, Lowell
      April 16     Milford
      May 7        Cadillac
      June 15      Midland
      June 16      Monroe

      ARPSC REPORTS: Here are ARPSC stats for December: Total number of
      Michigan ARES members: 2120, Number of EC/ROs reporting: 38, Drills,
      nets, tests and training sessions: 193, Public Service Events: 13,
      Emergencies: 17.  Total Operator Hours: 2760, contributed dollar value:
      $49,978.  ARES members should check http://www.mi-arpsc.org/ and click
      FSD-212 Results for all of the details of their county's activities.

      NET REPORTS: Michigan nets reporting for October: (in order of traffic
      Wolverine, MiARPSC, Motor City ARC, District 3 ARPSC, Red Cross of
      Grand Rapids, and Chelsea ARC Net.  The Michigan NTS reported 3075
      Operator hours worth $55,688 in December.

      STATION ACTIVITY REPORTS: SARs for December, 2010: WB9JSR 1118, WB8WKQ
      645, KB8GT 461, K8RDN 404, KB8RCR 313, K8OLY 276, NX8A 179, KD8LZB 91,
      K8AE 80, KD8CYK 77, W8QZ 73, K8VFZ 72, N5ASU 63, WD8USA 58, WB8RCR 27,
      AC8AL 24, WD8BCS 11.

      PUBLIC SERVICE HONOR ROLL RESULTS: PSHRs for December, 2010: K8OLY 232,
      WB9JSR 200, WB8RCR 186, WD8USA 140, K8RDN 140, WB8WKQ 120, KB8RCR 110,
      NX8A 105, AC8AL 100, KB8GT 100, K8VFZ 100, K8AE 92, KD8CYK 80, W8QZ 80,
      N5ASU 80, KD8LZB 74, WD8BCS 67, WB8FYR 10. A comment about PSHR:  This
      award recognizes the efforts of hams who are active is public service.
      Those reporting accumulate points for checking into nets volunteering,
      holding a Section appointment and handling traffic.  The full details
      are at:  arrl.org/public-service-honor-roll.   If you are reporting
      monthly to our SEC/STM WB8RCR, you can see your PSHR eligibility status
      at http://www.mi-nts.org/pshr-cert.php.

      73 until next month,
      Dale WA8EFK

      ARRL Michigan Section
      Section Manager: Dale R Williams, WA8EFK

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