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    CLARIFICATION PLEASE .. KF8EV .. in an email from you Ed, you indicated that the first day of class for the GENERAL (and other) license classes commence
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 13, 2011
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      CLARIFICATION PLEASE .. KF8EV .. in an email from you Ed, you indicated that the first day of class for the GENERAL (and other) license classes commence tonight, January 13th .. yet in the below "mass mailing" the date is Wednesday, Jan. 12th!!
      WHO IS RIGHT?!
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      Pass the word to friends and relatives that they too can get a HAM RADIO LICENSE without too much effort. HARC again offers an opportunity to become a licensed Amateur Radio Operator with classes to prepare you for a Technician License. These classes, lead by Jim, N8QMD, begin Wednesday January 12, 2011 and end on March 30, 2011.

      For those already in the Ham community holding a Technician Class License, we offer an opportunity to upgrade to Amateur General Class, the middle level license available. It will take some work, but the ultimate outcome is a super feeling of accomplishment and the gain of additional band privileges. Jim, N8QMD will lead these classes beginning Thursday, January 13, 2011 and ending on March 31, 2011.

      Then, for those who may have wanted to learn CW (Morse Code) or who have just been curious to discover what Code i s all about, Mike Cole, WD8NHA will lead CW classes on Tuesday nights. This series will begin on January 11, 2011 and depending on the progress of the students, will continue for about 8 - 10 weeks. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn the code, or to brush up on some unused skills.

      LOCATION AND TIME: All of these classes will be held at the Ottawa County Red Cross Building, 270 James Street, Holland, Michigan. Classes begin promptly at 7:00 pm. Please come early to enjoy some refreshments and to relax beforehand. It time is an issue, feel free to bring your supper along.

      FEES: There are no fees for the CW class, but please remember to bring paper and a writing instrument. There is a $20 fee for each Technician and General Classes. A study book for each class is available for an additional charge. Let Ed know if you need to order a book.

      LICENSE TESTING: Just in time for those who complete their licensing class, or for anyone else who wants to take a L icense test, HARC will host a Testing Session on Saturday April 2, 2011. Testing begins at 10:00 am, so please plan to arrive a bit earlier. What you will need to take the exam will be discussed during class or contacting Rick, our VE Chairman N8GGO by email N8GGO@...

      REGISTRATION: Please contact Ed , KF8EV by email KF8EV@... or telephone (616) 772-4811. REGISTRATION FOR THESE CLASSES ARE NOW OPEN!!! It is not too early to plan for some education this winter. Let's fill up the classroom at the Red Cross. We will be running this announcement a few more times before classes begin.

      Ed KF8EV Education Committee Chairman
      Megan WO0MEG Holland Amateur Radio Club President

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