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Pet Rock Sorint - Jan 1 - 1500 - 1800 Z

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  • Hank Greeb
    If you want to go back to the 50 s and earlier for a bit of nostalgia, or if you re a die hard QRP Build it Yourself-er or you just want to have some fun
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2010

      If you want to "go back" to the 50's and earlier for a bit of nostalgia, or if you're a die hard "QRP Build it Yourself-er" or you just want to have some fun on New Year's day, you might like to partook of the upcoming QRP ARCI Pet Rock sprint.

      Details should be on qrparci.org web site, but, just in case there's a glitch, they're repeated here.


      Date/Time: 1500Z to 1800Z on Saturday 1 January 2011.  That's 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

      Mode:  HF CW only.

      Exchange:  Members send:  RST, State/Province/Country, ARCI member number
                 Non-Members send:  RST, State/Province/Country, Power Out

      QSO Points:
      Member = 5 points
      Non-Member, Different Continent = 4 points
      Non-Member, Same Continent = 2 points

      Multiplier: SPC (State/Province/Country) total for all bands.  The same station may be worked on multiple bands for QSO points and SPC credit.

      Power Multiplier:   
      >5 Watts = x1
      >1 - 5 Watts = x7
      >500 mW - 1 Watt = x10
      >200 mW - 500 mW = x15
      >55 mW - 200 mW = x20
      <55 mW = x25

      Suggested Frequencies:  Please remember this is a contest is focusing on rock-bound transmitters/transceivers.

      80m    3560 kHz
             3568 kHz 
             3579 kHz
      40m    7030 kHz
             7040 kHz 
      20m    14060 kHz
      15m    21060 kHz
      10m    28060 kHz

      Bonus Points:  For crystal controlled gear add 2,000 points for using rockbound receiver; add 3,000 points for using rockbound transmitter; or add 5,000 points for using rockbound transceiver.  These bonus points are available per band.

      If you are operating PORTABLE using battery power AND a temporary antenna, add 5000 points to your final score.  (You can NOT be at your shack operating from battery power using your home station antenna to qualify for this bonus.)  This is to help level the playing field for contesters who work from the field against contest stations with 5 element yagis at 70 ft.

      Score:  Final Score = Points (total for all bands) x SPCs (total for all bands) x Power Multiplier + Bonus Points

      Categories:  Entry may be All-Band, Single Band, High Bands (10m-15m-20m) or Low Bands (40m-80m)

      How to Participate:  Get on any of the HF bands except the WARC bands and hang out near the QRP frequencies.  Work as many stations calling CQ QRP or CQ TEST as possible, or call CQ QRP or CQ TEST yourself!  You can work a station for credit once on each band.

      Email Log Submission:   Submit Logs in plain text format along with a summary stating your Callsign, Entry Category, Actual Power and Station Description along with score calculation to contest@...

      Snail mail Log Submission: Submit Logs along with a summary stating your Callsign, Entry Category, Actual Power and Station Description along with score calculation to:

      QRP-ARCI Pet Rock Sprint
      c/o Jeff Hetherington, VA3JFF
      139 Elizabeth St. W.
      Welland, Ontario
      Canada  L3C 4M3

      Deadline: Entries must be postmarked on or before 15 January 2011.  (Note this is 14 days after the contest runs)

      Results: Will be published in QRP Quarterly and shown on the QRP-ARCI website.

      Certificates: Will be awarded to the top scoring entrant in each category.  Certificates may be awarded for 2nd and 3rd place if entries are sufficient in a category.

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