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Re: [WestMichiganHams] New Equipment for R6 / Montcalm County

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  • Tim Deater
    I know what Paul s frustrations are, I had similar issues. We worked on something on our own within our county about the same time this project started,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2010
      I know what Paul's frustrations are, I had similar issues.  We worked on something on our own within our county about the same time this project started, figured out what we needed and wanted to standardize on, started purchasing and then this project came about.  Our project stopped and the funding got re-allocated because we where getting this other equipment, and that was where I have been stuck.  I am glad to hear it is coming in finally, and excited to see what we get to work with.

      Thanks Jim for your work on this, and everyone else that put in countless hours making it happen.  I have been trough the process, and know the people you have to deal with, and am glad you all did it instead of me.  :-) 

      Newaygo County

      On Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 10:02 PM, James C. Duram <jimk8cop@...> wrote:



      I have no idea as to what your grant request was in 2007.  With this amateur package we only asked the 13 counties what type of tower mounting they needed last fall.  We had to complete an environmental review by DHS, and the State of Michigan for each of the 13 county EOC’s.  That took several months to get approval.  The radio equipment had already been specked out, and approved by the Emergency Managers.  Then there is the bidding process.  That takes time. 


      Until you work on a grant you have NO idea what kind of work that is involved.  There was several 100 hours compiling information from each of the counties.  Check and double check to make sure that it was right.  Grants take time.  No one else has stepped forward to help on this project except for a very small group. We didn't get paid for it either...............


      If you had attended the 6th District EC/RO meeting in January 2010 you would have been brought up to date with this project.  But you failed to attend it.


      If you read my earlier post The equipment will be delivered to those 13 counties in the next 30 days or less.  I know for a fact that the equipment has been delivered to the Ionia EOC.  The tower items are at Big Rapids. The EM's will pick up the items, as they need to be signed for.


      Jim, K8COP



      i will believe it when i see it. every since 2007 when i put in a grant request for monies for radios for montcalm county, i have heard nothing but false promises for three years, so when i get the the hardware in my hands. let me know next year. thanks paul k8pro ec/ro montcalm county

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