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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
     From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE Region 6 Emergency Coordinator/ RACES Officer   231 206-0422 Cell and Text  E mail kb8vee@comcast.net   [Reply to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2010

       From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE Region 6 Emergency Coordinator/ RACES Officer
        231 206-0422 Cell and Text  E mail kb8vee@...  

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      - Michigan Net QMN 75 Years Strong
      - Please take the new Great Lakes Division Survey
      - Hamfest/Swap Committee Members:  Two Things to Think About
      - ARRL Foundation Awards more than Scholarships
      - Kentucky QSO Party in November
      - Webinar Limitations
      - Please Help when Writing to Me
      - New Division Website
      - This Month's Final
      - Tentative Travel, Hamfest and Activity Schedule

      +++  Michigan Net QMN 75 Years Strong +++

      Congratulations to the Michigan Net QMN on the 75th Anniversary of its
      founding.  QMN appears to be the oldest net in the country.
      Information about the Net attributes the beginning of the Net to a vote
      taken in early 1935 by the Detroit Amateur Radio Association.  Crystal
      control of transmitters was relatively new at the time so the Club used
      this new technology to get all members of the new net on the same

      The celebration of QMN's founding will be marked on October 23 by
      several activities.  Among these will be Special Event station K8QMN
      from Owosso, MI.  The station will operate on or near 3563 kHz and 7050
      kHz from 2 PM to 5 PM Central time.  A banquet will follow.  The station
      is likely to return to the air following the banquet.

      A special commemorative certificate will be issued to operators who
      contact K8QMN during the QMN Diamond Jubilee operation.

      I look forward to participating in the activities in Owosso.  This
      anniversary clearly will be a memorable event.

      Read more about Michigan Net QMN at http://michigannet.org/.  Click on
      the News Bulletin link to see what is planned for its 75th anniversary

      +++ Please take the new Great Lakes Division Survey +++

      As one feature of the new Great Lakes Division website, it is very
      practical to seek your opinions and wishes by taking surveys or polls.
      The first of the new surveys is available.  I hope you will go to it and
      take a few brief minutes to let me know your feelings about the topics
      covered.  Go to www.arrl-greatlakes.org, and click on the
      Surveys/Feedback link to access the poll.  This survey will be open
      until September 15.

      The questions are multiple-choice or multiple choice plus fill-in the
      blank.  If you feel you cannot answer a question adequately through a
      multiple-choice answer, please use a fill-in the blank space if it is
      for the relevant question.  If there is no space to fill in for a
      particular question, please go to the end of the survey questions and
      add your comments in the "Do you have any further comments that you'd
      like to make?" box placed there.  You may also go to the Blog Board
      (link on the left side of the page) or e-mail comments to me.


      +++ Hamfest/Swap Committee Members:  Two Things to Think About +++

      Hamfest/Swap committees have a lot to think about when they plan and
      promote their events.  I commend you for the hard work you put in to
      making these activities successful and enjoyable for members of your
      clubs as well as for the many non-club members who come to spend time
      in eyeballing friends and searching for treasured junque.  Here are two
      things to think about that just might make your coming events a little
      more enjoyable and even entice a few more people to attend them.

      The first thought relates to a service to amateurs.  Specifically, it
      involves offering QSL card checking.  Even though card checking is not
      listed as a planned service at most hamfests, amateurs who attend these
      often ask me if a card checker is there.  Card checking requests involve
      QSLs for DXCC and WAS, and cover UHF, VHF and HF activities.

      By arranging ahead of time for a card checker to attend a fest and then
      publicizing his planned presence, the hamfest committee just may do a
      service for itself as well as for the ham public.

      What would this cost the committee?  My guess is it would involve a
      free admission ticket, a table and a chair for the card checker.
      Electric service to the table may also be helpful..

      To find a card checker to serve those who attend your hamfest/swap, go
      to http://www.arrl.org/card-checkers.  Click on Great Lakes Division.

      The second thought regards free handouts from ARRL.  HQ no longer
      automatically sends a large box of free goodies to each sanctioned
      hamfest.  It typically sends four prizes valued at $200, a pack of
      Frequency Charts/WAS Maps and a pack of ARRL membership applications .
      . . and instructions on how to get additional, free as well as
      relatively inexpensive goodies for your fest.

      Unless someone on the hamfest committee pays attention to the letter
      and form that accompanies the prizes, you will get nothing more.  But
      to get more, all that is needed is to determine what you want to ask
      for, and to ask for it.

      I will not go into the rationale for the change in practice.  The main
      thing is for someone on the hamfest committee to review the letter and
      goodies request form soon after it is received, determine what freebies
      you think will be useful to the hams who attend your hamfest and to ask
      for these from HQ.

      There are excellent handouts available at absolutely no change and with
      no shipping expense to the committee.  Be sure to ask for the number of
      packets or copies of the freebies you believe will be useful.  If you
      also want items that are available at cost, you may order these as
      well.  Ordering any of these is fully discretionary.

      If you have any questions about this, please let me know.  Keep in mind
      that the agreement entered in with ARRL is to collaborate with the
      organization in providing information of interest to amateurs about the
      League that can be gotten free from HQ and to make it available at your
      hamfest on a prominent ARRL-only location.  The effort involved in
      reviewing a list of free material, ordering it at no cost  and placing
      the material on an ARRL table isn't really very much.

      +++ ARRL Foundation Awards more than Scholarships +++
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