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WEVER'S WORDS -- Summertime (phew!)

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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
     From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE Region 6 Emergency Coordinator/ RACES Officer   231 206-0422 Cell and Text  E mail kb8vee@comcast.net   [Reply to
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       From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE Region 6 Emergency Coordinator/ RACES Officer
        231 206-0422 Cell and Text  E mail kb8vee@...  

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      - The New ARRL Web Site
      - ARDF Championships Successful
      - ARRL Board Meeting
      - Ohio Section Manager Election in Progress
      - Ohio QSO Party
      - W8TM Wins Wisconsin QSO Party
      - Want a Speaker for an Amateur Radio Convention?
      - This Month's Final
      - Tentative Travel, Hamfest and Activity Schedule

      +++ The New ARRL Web Site +++

      The main construction of the new ARRL Web Site is complete.  Most
      features from the old site are now available on the new site.  We are
      now mainly in the phase of tweaking to get it the way we want it to

      There is no question that the site has had a bumpy introduction.
      Compared with most other sites on the Internet it is huge and was a
      substantially bigger job than anyone anticipated.  In addition to the
      bumpy introduction of the site, we users are going through a
      developmental stage as we adapt to new forms, locations and
      presentations of information.  This acclimatization we are going
      through and the tweaking of the site will continue for an additional
      period of time; a period that we hope is relatively short.

      I will not attempt to sugar-coat the situation by saying everything has
      proceeded just as planned and on schedule.  It hasn't.  On the other
      hand, we will end up with a web site that is much more appropriate for
      the leading technical organization ARRL is than we previously had.  For
      one thing, it will present Amateur Radio in a much more positive light
      to young people than did our old site.

      So, what can we all do to help get the task at hand finished as quickly
      and smoothly as possible?  Ranting about problems is not helpful and
      draws focus from real issues.  We have a technical situation.
      Technical situations are seldom solved by becoming emotional.  The best
      way to resolve situations with the new site is to remain calm and report
      them in a helpful manner.

      What is helpful is to report where you were (the internet address  or
      page name), where you wanted to go and specifically what you did to get
      there (e.g. clicked on link XYZ).  Include the message you received
      after you got wherever you ended up and its internet address.  Report
      this information to Katie Glass, KB1ULQ at kglass@....  Doing this
      will give Katie the information needed to get the problem fixed by the
      correct person in the shortest possible time.

      +++ ARDF Championships Successful +++

      Congratulations to Dick Arnett, WB4SUV of Erlanger, KY and Bob Frey,
      WA6EZV of Cincinnati on a very successful 10th Annual US ARDF
      Championships.  In spite of considerable rain during the weekend, the
      Championships hosted amateurs and future amateurs from four foreign
      countries as well as 15 US states.  Contestants ages 12 and up
      converged on the Franklin, OH area in Southwest Ohio for two days of
      pre-competition training and two days of competition.

      Winners in the US Championships from the Great Lakes Division are:  Men
      and boys 2 meters -- Addison Bosley, KJ4VCV, of Erlanger, Kentucky,
      first in category M19 and Matthew Robbins, AA9YH, of Cincinnati, Ohio,
      first in M40.  Addison also won the category in 80 meters.

      Relative to ARDF contests, ARRL Chief Financial Officer, Barry Shelley,
      N1VXY  is investigating "ways that (insurance) coverage can be secured
      by the sponsors of such events."

      +++ ARRL Board Meeting +++

      The second yearly meeting of the ARRL Board of Directors for 2010 was a
      good one.  In addition to addressing a number of pieces of routine
      business, there were very serious and deep discussion of non-routine
      topics.   My takeaway from the meeting is that I believe it will prove
      to be one of the most significant in years.

      Minutes of the meeting can be found at

      +++ Ohio Section Manager Election in Progress +++

      As I mentioned last month, election for Ohio Section Manager is in
      progress.  Ballots for the election were sent by Second Class US mail.
      All active members of  record in Ohio should have received their ballot
      by now; however, please allow another week for it to arrive, just in
      case it was slowed in the mail.

      +++ Ohio QSO Party +++

      The Ohio QSO Party is from 1600Z August 28 to 0400Z August 29.  Full
      information and rules are on its web site, http://www.ohqp.org/.

      +++ W8TM wins Wisconsin QSO Party +++

      Paul Kirley, W8TM of Cincinnati walked off with a winner's plaque for
      his effort in the 2010 Wisconsin QSO Party.  Paul was the winner of the
      Single-Op, Out-of-State category.  Tom Hain, KV8Q of Galloway, OH copped
      5th Place in the same category.

      The Party was March 14-15.  Paul made 157 CW, and 43 phone contacts
      with 58 Wisconsin counties.  Nice jobs, Paul and Tom.  Tnx to Jim
      Barrie, WA8SDF for the information.

      Who says life is too short for QRP?

      +++ Want a Speaker for an Amateur Radio Convention? +++

      ARRL-affiliated groups that would like speakers for an event should
      contact your Section Manager or me.  In addition, speakers may often be
      obtained from League HQ for conventions and very special occassions.  To
      request a speaker from HQ, please send a request to Gail Iannone,
      Hamfest and Convention Coordinator at giannone@....  Please copy
      me on the request.

      +++ This Month's Final +++

      I am extremely pleased to be able to say that ARRL Vice President and
      friend, Rick Roderick, K5UR of Little Rock, Arkansas has achieved Fred
      Fish Memorial Award FFMA) No., 3.  This award is given to amateurs who
      have confirmed two-way 6 meter contact with each of the 488 grid
      squares in the Continental US.   Confirmation of Rick's 488th grid
      square was received at HQ July 28.

      FFMA No. 1 was awarded to Fred Fish, W5FF (SK) posthumously in January
      2008 when the award was established by the Board of Directors.  Fred
      became a Silent Key in 2005.  The award was presented to his widow, Lee
      Fish, K2FF an award-winning VHF/UHF operator, herself.  Pat Rose, W5OZI
      of Junction, TX nosed out Roderick for FFMA No. 2 when his final grid
      square was confirmed July 8, 2010.  It appears to be a pretty good year
      for 6 M.

      More information on the Fred Fish Memorial Award can be found on the
      ARRL web site at http://www.arrl.org/ffma  .



      +++ Tentative Travel, Hamfest and Activity Schedule +++

      Hamfests in the following list have received ARRL sanctioning as of
      press time.  Hamfests and other events for which a Great Lakes Division
      representative is scheduled to attend are identified with the
      representative's name.  The schedule can be expected to be fine-tuned
      from time to time.

      Patronize ARRL-sanctioned hamfests.  Hamfests, conventions, symposia
      and similar events sponsored by ARRL-affiliated clubs may be eligible
      to be sanctioned by the League.  For information on sponsoring and
      sanctioning a hamfest or convention, go to
      www.arrl.org/hamfest-sponsor-support.  To have your hamfest sanctioned,
      go to http://www.arrl.org/hamfest-convention-application to apply on
      line.  Hamfests are already being sanctioned for 2012!.

      Support our Division hamfests and swaps:

      7  Aug: UP Hamfest, Escanaba, MI
      7  Aug: Voice of Aladdin ARC, Columbus, OH - Jim
      8  Aug: Seaway Trunk Swap, Port Huron, MI
      15 Aug: Warren ARA Hamfest, Cortland, OH
      15 Aug: Central KY Hamfest, Lawrenceburg, KY - Jim, John
      15 Aug: Lapeer Swap & Shop, Lapeer, MI
      21 Aug: SARA Inside/Outside Trunk Sale, Owosso, MI
      22 Aug: Cambridge Hamfest, Cambridge, OH
      25 Aug: Directors webinar - Jim
      26 Aug: Summit Co. ARES Mtg., Akron, OH - Jim
      11 Sep: Greater Louisville ˜fest, Shepherdsville, KY
      11 Sep: GRAHam fest, Wyoming, MI
      12 Sep: Findlay Hamfest, Findlay, OH - Jim, John
      18 Sep: Central KY ARES Hamfest, Richmond, KY - Jim, John
      19 Sep: Greater Cincinnati ARA Hamfest, Cincinnati, OH - Jim
      19 Sep: Adrian ARC Hamfest, Adrian, MI
      22 Sep: Directors webinar - Jim
      26 Sep: Cleveland Hamfest, Cleveland, OH - Jim, John
      16 Oct: Ohio Section Conf., Columbus, OH - Jim
      16 Oct: Great Lakeshore Super Swap, Holland, MI
      17 Oct: Kalamazoo Hamfest, Kalamazoo, MI
      27 Oct: Directors webinar - Jim
      30 Oct: Hazard Hamfest, Hazard, KY
      31 Oct: Massillon Hamfest, Massillon, OH
      6  Nov: Grant ARC Georgetown, (OH) Hamfest
      20 Nov. A&F Meeting, Newington, CT - Jim
      24 Nov: Directors webinar - Jim

      Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      ARRL Great Lakes Division
      5065 Bethany Rd.
      Mason, OH 45040
      E-mail:  k8je@...,  Tel.: 513-459-1661
      ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio

      ARRL Great Lakes Division
      Director: James E Weaver, K8JE

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