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VHF Contest July 17-18 + Consider Joining the Badger Contesters (V/UHF grou

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  • kc9bqa
    Thanks everyone for two years of great participation on our 2m nets from E WI. Really, in VHF terms, we re neighbors. All kinds of cross-lake propagation,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3 7:47 AM
      Thanks everyone for two years of great participation on our 2m
      nets from E WI. Really, in VHF terms, we're neighbors. All kinds of cross-lake propagation, especially in the summer and fall. Heard from KI8UM on 146.430 FM Thur. night -- very stable signals with his 50w and vertical up 30'.

      I hope many of you have been on the air the past 36 hours or so. Bands were very good Thur. night, Fri. night and also again this morning. Many different calls across multiple states and grid squares getting in on the action.

      This post is to promote 2 things:
      1) The CQ WW VHF Contest July 17-18th. 6 and 2m only -- the foundation of VHF. 2 bands that almost everyone has. I hope you will join me in "talking up" this contest. It's the single best contest of the year to get new folks involved. You usually have sporadic Eskip (DX) on 6, and often get nice tropo at night and into the next morning, like we have this weekend. During the July 2006 CQ WW VHF, I ragchewed with stations in a 500 mile radius overnight on 146.550 FM Simplex. Conditions were *that* good.
      I have more info about the CQ WW VHF up on kc9bqa.com. It also includes a link to my VHF Contesting School articles, which you are free to distribute to anyone who's interested. If you take some time to read thru those VHF Contesting School articles, you will feel comfortable calling "CQ Contest".

      2) Many of you in western Michigan might not know you are eligible to join the Badger Contesters V/UHF Club. Here's
      a visual: http://www.badgercontesters.org/club_area.html
      I am a BC'er and I invite those of you in W MI within that circle
      to join.
      BC is dues-free, low-key and low-stress. There is no
      competition with your "everyday" ham radio club. We do have an email reflector that you can also join. More info is at this link: http://kc9bqa.com/?p=3040

      As a BC'er, you can submit your contest scores toward our
      overall club score. This is important because the 2010 CQ
      WW VHF is the *first* time they're having a Club Competition.

      There are a few bigger guns in the BC'ers, but I'd say 80% of
      our members are smaller to medium-sized stations. Our strength comes from widespread participation from a variety of operators. If all that got on for a contest was the big guns, we'd work each other in
      a few hours, and then be bored silly. VHF/UHF Contests need all the signals we can get.

      I'd appreciate you spreading the word about the BC'ers to everyone in that Western MI circle.

      Questions or comments, email me.

      Happy 4th of July, 73,
      Todd KC9BQA EN63ao 40 N of Milwaukee
      www.kc9bqa.com For Frequent VHF/UHF Updates
      www.wivuch.com WI VHF/UHF County Hunters Award
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